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Firstly, hello! I’m a new member of the VeryPC marketing team and I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself on this blog.

I have followed VeryPC's journey since 2008. What first struck me about VeryPC was the fact that an IT manufacturing company, based in sunny Sheffield, was genuinely trying to create a business that was so different to the corporate ‘big boys’ crowding the marketplace. Making changes and   manufacturing computers in a more ethical way, shows real courage (and if I’m truly honest, I just love an underdog story)!

Like it or not, we live in a throwaway culture where computers are regularly upgraded, rather than fixed, which has immense environmental and human rights implications. From the sourcing of materials, the great people working in the factories producing the goods and the ever growing problem of electronic waste; we all have a responsibility to put pressure on large organisations to improve.

I love technology and sometimes, I loathe it, but like most people I use computers daily. In my humble opinion, as consumers, we should try to make small changes and buy more from the ethical companies, which would make larger organisations follow suit (wow this world would become exciting).

This will come as no surprise, but I was over the moon reading The Good Shopping Guide, as Broadleaf, which is one of many in the evolving VeryPC product portfolio, has once again rated highly in the ethical rankings index. Of course, Acer and Packard Bell also deserve credit for exceptional results.  And yes, there is more good news, contrary to popular belief, ethical products don't necessarily cost the earth.

Danni Ward

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