More than just a SMART Board!

By Luke Rogers


We all know the standard interactive boards with the single pen and some hand gestures for wiping away the scribbles, but SMART takes learning deeper with their Tool Explorer™ which bridges physical objects with digital learning.

Exclusive to the powerful 6000S, the tool explorer features a magic pen, highlighter, number cubes, and stamps with integers, emojis, basic shapes, and vowels.

Instructional Tools such as the Highlighter and Magic Pen allow teachers to focus student attention on the content through highlighting, magnification, spotlight and disappearing ink.

  • Highlighter (double ended - yellow/green)
  • Ships in a reusable storage case
  • New pen bundle also available (Magic Pen, Highlighter, Green, Blue, Magnetic pen holder)

Early Learning and Math Cubes help young students combine sensory play and fundamental skill acquisition, reinforcing their learning shapes, numbers, math skills and more by manipulating physical objects with digital reinforcement and reward.

  • Use in the iQ whiteboard / Notebook Player
  • Will ship with a reusable storage box
  • Black canvas storage bag included

Shape Stamps put frequently used shapes such as stars, hearts, and player tokens at your fingertips, adding game-based elements and fun engagement to your teaching with the press of a stamp.

Initial “Play Bundle” stamp set

  • Use in the iQ whiteboard / Notebook Player
  • Will ship with a reusable storage case
  • Black canvas storage bag included
  • Can attach to magnetic mount points on 6000S panel

Combine these intuitive hands-on tools with Lumio, a digital learning tool for transforming lessons into active, collaborative learning experiences that engage students on their own devices.

Better Collaboration
With shared workspaces and flexible ways to group students, Lumio provides collaborative learning tools for both in-class and hybrid learning experiences.

Engagement + Games + Activities
Ignite student engagement with over 70 customisable game templates, graphic organisers, digital manipulatives, and ready-made resources.

Greater flexibility
Lumio lets teachers combine and edit different file types (PDF, Google Slides, PowerPoint, Notebook)into their lessons, toggle between student and teacher pacing on the fly, and adapt content to student needs.

SMART has the tools and software to take learning deeper, make it more rewarding and most of all, FUN!

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