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VeryPC make computers and customise ICT solutions for education and business all over the UK.

Our products and services include desktop PCs, laptops, mobile devices, 3D workstations, servers, backup and storage solutions, industrial computer appliances, audio visual equipment, customisation and managed IT support services.

Why a Small Form Factor PC?
posted on 2021-08-12

Small Form Factor or often abbreviated to SFF, refers to a desktop computer that is designed specifically to minimise the amount of volume and footprint that is taken up. You’ll f ...

Benefits of switching to Chrome
posted on 2021-07-13

Over the last year, here at VeryPC, we have seen a rise in the demand for anything and everything Chrome. From the latest Chrome devices through to licences, the world has gone crazy fo ...

Benefits of Upgrading to Windows 10 Pro
posted on 2021-06-24

It’s time to make the upgrade to Windows 10 Pro as it offers all the basic features of Windows 10 Home but with added advanced connectivity and privacy tools. For example, Assigne ...