eSports in Education - 5 reasons your school should get involved today

By Colin McCarthy


Following the creation of the world’s first eSports BTEC qualification by Pearson in April 2020, UK institutions now have more opportunities than ever to incorporate eSports into curriculums, with funding confirmed from the Education and Skills Funding Agency. Aside from the obvious benefits of eSports participation, such as developed motor skills and hand-eye coordination, associated transferrable skills include advanced creativity, decision-making and technological aptitude. But the benefits don’t stop there… here are VeryPC’s top 5 benefits of eSports in education:

1)    Teamwork

Working constructively with others in-game requires students to work on communication, conflict management, active listening, and respect. eSports provide a level playing field as participation and success are available to a much wider demographic than traditional sports, creating a genuinely inclusive activity for students.

2)    Problem-solving

As with all sports, students have to set goals, assess their competition, and form game plans in order to win, therefore encouraging engagement in critical and analytical thinking.

3)    Time management skills

In order to remain eligible for eSports competitions, students have set academic requirements they must meet. This ensures continued focus on academic work and promotes finding a productive balance between curricular and extra-curricular activities, as found amongst traditional student-athletes.

4)    Social skills

Communicating effectively with others and working together as a team in a sociable, fun environment helps young people gain valuable social skills which are vital in the working world and for making friends with peers.

5)    Building communities

Offering eSports as an extracurricular activity helps schools reach students who may otherwise be distant from the school community. Creating eSports teams/groups builds comradery and allows students to liaise in a fun, less stressful environment. By feeling a part of the school community, pupils are likely to be more engaged in class, perform better academically, and move on to higher education.

The benefits are boundless. That’s why VeryPC is partnering with UK schools, colleges, and universities to plan and deliver the gaming rigs and customer support needed to deliver successful eSports courses.


  • Built-for-purpose gaming machines for all levels
  • Fully configurable and pre-configured systems
  • ​RGB Detailing
  • Highest quality components and build
  • Choice of Intel® or AMD® Processors, a range of graphics cards and peripheral add-ons

Incorporating eSports will futureproof your students for a wealth of new career opportunities as the industry not only needs players but also: game developers, producers, sound engineers, referees etc. The opportunities available are continually expanding and now is the time to join the fun!

Prepare your students for the world of tomorrow, today with VeryPC’s eSports Gaming PCs.

We would love to discuss the opportunities for eSports growth at your school and how we can help, so be sure to get in touch. You can contact us by phone on 01143218609 or by email at

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