VeryPC - awkward teenager

By Alan Robinson


Watch out, technologyverse, today is VeryPC’s thirteenth birthday. We’re shedding our childlike innocence and instantly maturing into a fully rounded… grumpy, never happy with anything, socially clueless full on pain in the backside teenager. Expect tantrums when we don’t get our own way, staying out late and causing trouble, moody silences at the dinner table, storming off to our room and sudden attacks of crushing embarrassment. Fair warning right?

The three ages of VeryPC

At the ripe old age of thirteen Earth years, as we sullenly slouch on our tatty beanbag right in front of the telly, ripening our latest batch of juicy forehead spots, our thoughts drift back to the very earliest days. How did we get here, what has our journey been? …dreamy fadewipe with harp glissando…


Just like everyone else, we were born on a suburban Sheffield high street, in the front parlour of a recently vacated elegant old ladies’ hairdressing salon. We know this because the premises still had a full suite of hefty, old fashioned dome style sit-down hair dryers when we moved in. Back in the pre-natal days, the 3 founders, Andy, Pete and Simon, operated a fledgling IT support company for local charities called Computer Care Crew, but then, on Feb 16th 2004, VeryPC Limited came to be by the biological process known as incorporation.

The green years

After a couple of years on the high street, business was quickly outgrowing our premises. I mean, you can only build so many PCs a day in the back room of an old salon, can’t you? The time came to say goodbye to the shop and go industrial. In 2008 we moved onto a nearby business park where we set up a proper production line on the build floor and kitted out the offices upstairs to support our endeavours. We’d had a vision you see; the gods of IT had descended in the night and instructed us to set about creating the world’s most sustainable PC (that’s definitely how it happened). We called it Broadleaf, and we still sell it to this day, but things have moved on a bit too…

All growed up

Once we’d settled into our new digs, we started growing really fast into a gangly energetic robo-kid. We picked up loads of accounts, grew the factory into the neighbouring units and expanded our offerings to cater for the full gamut of ICT hardware and services demanded by our ever increasing customer base. For several years now we’ve done the complete package: we manufacture computers, customise ICT solutions and provide AV kit, software and services for businesses and educational establishments all over the UK.

So here we are. In human terms, a freshly minted pimply teenager, but in business terms a mature, experienced ICT provider helping customers across the nation to make the most of their technology. Our business customers reduce costs and increase productivity and profit by optimising their IT with VeryPC, and our schools install more capable and efficient systems for learning which contribute to improved OFSTED results.

So please give us a call. If we can summon the adolescent courage to talk to you and avoid chucking a big mardy on your face, we’re sure we can help your organisation out with your ICT needs.

Vera Peacy (aged 13)

Image attribution (vintage hairdryer): BeenAroundAWhile at en.wikipedia

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