SMART Interactive Boards - The best investment for your classroom

By Jack Whitfield


Interactive displays are powerful and engaging learning tools that encourage participation. Allowing educators to access powerful learning software to poke, prod, and interact with content directly on their screen.

SMART interactive boards can be a complete game changer in the classroom. Packed full of tech and software that brings pupils together and fosters cooperation and collaboration. You can access things like Lumio and explore the SMART Exchange with lessons, games, and activities created by teachers, for teachers.

Simple, connected and engaging

Both the MX and 6000 series feature a stunningly beautiful 4K Ultra HD display available in 55” (exclusive to MX), 65”, 75”, and a whopping 86 inches, interactive learning never looked so good.

Engineered from the ground up to be simple and intuitive, without needing to read a mile-long manual. In addition, SMART boards have built-in Wi-Fi and wired connection ports and feature 5 years of remote management software – keeping you connected.

Ask us about the powerful SMART Learning Suite, which comes with your SMART Board for 1 year.

Value, not compromise

Packed full of connectivity in the front and back you can integrate with all major technology platforms. Major apps, learning suites, and powerful tools are just a touch away. Everything you need is in the box; wall mounts, pens, support, warranty, and the SMART Learning Suite. Spend more time educating, less time faffing.

The 6000S makes it even easier to log into your SMART account with NFC technology. Using an existing NFC enabled key card or fob, you can log into your unique SMART account in an instant.

More touch points, more fun

SMART boards support better touch and ink experiences with up to 20 touch points with Windows®, and up to 10 with ChromeOS®. Get a whole class involved with intelligent software that can recognise pens, touch, and palms simultaneously. Allowing multiple users to write, erase, move, and gesture at the same time!

With SMART Ink software teachers can write into or over web browsers, documents, and applications LIVE, without having to freeze the screen or pausing browsing.

iQ Collaboration

With 2 clicks, and no complicated log in processes, you could have the whole class working directly on the smart board across multiple devices in no time.

Classroom proof

SMART Boards incorporate the highest standards for quality and safety. Featuring highly rated components like the full heat-tempered, anti-glare glass and long-lasting LEDs all backed up by technical support services. The 6000S series also resists those annoying smudges and fingerprints. You can rest assured your new SMART Board MX is built to last.

Why SMART Interactive boards?

SMART has been innovating award winning interactive boards for over 35 since the invention of the original SMART Board® in 1987. With a single drive to create and advance technology that helps teachers, learners, and teams make meaningful connections. SMART is trusted by over 60 million teachers, students, and leaders who interact with their technology all over the world.

Want to discuss what interactive board is right for you? We are here to get you the right solution for your classroom or school. Get in touch with one of our experts today for full options, features, and pricing.

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