Choosing the right SSD for your computer

By Kim Bailey


Whether you're a professional creator, designer, SMB, freelancer or entrepreneur, managing data storage is important business.

Data is at the heart of strategic decision-making and it's not just storage that we have to think about. Being able to protect, access and gain insights from data could be what sets your business apart from others.

For optimal performance, we recommend a good solid-state drive (SSD).

Most consumer drives range from 120GB to 2TB, and while 120GB drives may be the cheapest, they aren't spacious enough to hold a lot of data and they are generally much slower than their higher-capacity counterparts.

I need a good 'all-rounder' that will suit all my creative technology needs. Which SSD do you recommend?

The sweet spot on price, performance and capacity used to be 500GB, but 1TB is rapidly becoming the best choice for many users.

The WD Blue SN570 NVMe SSD provides elevated performance, workload capability, and reliability to handle intense workload demands. Whether you’re working on your next passion project or crunching large amounts of data, take advantage of the high performance and capacities up to 1TB in an affordable M.2 2280 form
factor to do more, faster. 

This powerful internal drive delivers fantastic speed capabilities so you can let your imagination flow and worry less about PC lag or load times. 

Recommended for:

Main benefits:

- Competitive pricing and performance
- Single-sided PCB at all capacities
- Software support
- 5-year warranty

I need more data storage and capabilities for my device. Which SSD would you recommend?

Western Digital's Black range offers high-capacity storage solutions to elevate performance and efficiency.

The WD Black range is more suited towards gaming and hardware enthusiasts who are looking to build or upgrade their PC, and their brand new WD Black SN 850X SSD is up there with the best.

It features fast read/write speeds up to 7000/5300MB/s and up to 1,000,000 IOPS, customisable RGB lighting (Windows® only), up to 2TB capacity and downloadable WD_BLACK™ dashboard software to
customise and control your performance.

Recommended for:

Main benefits:

- Top tier performance
- Large, consistent SLC cache
- Strong warranty and software toolbox
- Optional heatsink and RGB
- The SN850, but better

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