4 Reasons to choose OPS for your Display Solution

By Nicole Scarfe


The Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) is one of the best solutions on the market for interactive displays and signage. If you're looking for a no fuss, no clutter, professional display solution for your school or business, the OPS system is a no brainer!

Check out our top 4 reasons below for choosing an OPS for your display needs:

1. A single connector for everything

Encased in a simple, compact black box, the OPS system may not look like anything special but for such a small product it really packs a punch! The OPS links up to your big screen or interactive display to deliver all communications from your PC. 

It enables a single connection through a single 80 pin connector for:

  • Your PC Power
  • The Display Video & Audio
  • USB for Touch Input (interactive displays)
  • PLUS separate power input for independent use

2. Cost effective & easy installation

The simplicity of an OPS system means installation and setup are much quicker than other solutions, and it's generally more cost effective as there's no need for additional items or products such as cables or trunking. 

Our VeryPC OPS System can solve all your display requirements, from boardroom displays and classroom learning to conferencing and advertising.

3. No messy cables or clutter

With no need for extra items, cables or trunking, the VeryPC OPS System simply plugs into a single slot in the back of any OPS compatible display (both touch and non-touch), instantly converting your big screen into an all-in-one Windows® PC.

It's professional, smart and totally secure, eliminating any damages or loss of equipment, or even accidental trips or falls on cables and appliances.

4. Convert your big screen into a giant all-in-one Windows® PC

Slot your OPS system into the back of any OPS compatible screen and there you have it, a giant all-in-one PC with Windows 10 or 11 Pro for Business.

If you're a school or education provider, did you know you can access amazing discounts on Windows 10 and 11 licences through 'Shape The Future' scheme? Find out more here.

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