Picking the right 1:1 device: Flexbook

By Luke Rogers


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The introduction of 1:1 devices in education has transformed the learning landscape, making technology an integral part of the classroom. This shift not only facilitates a smoother transition between home and school learning environments but also enriches the educational experience by making learning more interactive and accessible. Selecting the appropriate device is crucial.


A device's ability to meet the diverse needs of its users can make or break the learning experience. It's crucial to choose devices based on the performance necessary for current and future educational tasks. This involves considering how a student or teacher's needs might evolve, ensuring the device remains relevant and supportive. Remember, a more powerful device supports a broader range of applications, enhancing both teaching and learning capabilities.

Flexbook performance is driven by a powerful and efficient Ryzen 5 7000 series CPU & AMD Radeon graphics.

Connectivity & Battery:

For hybrid or remote learning, connectivity is key. Devices with LTE/4G are crucial for students without home internet. For those with stable connections, Wi-Fi 6/6E offers significantly faster speeds and reduced latency, enhancing videoconferencing and educational interactions.

Devices featuring all-day battery life and fast charging are invaluable for students and teachers constantly moving between home and school, providing the flexibility to work anywhere without relying on constant power access.

Flexbook features 4G capability, Wi-Fi 6, and a 10-hour battery which will make sure everyone stays connected for longer.

Device Durability:

The Flexbook is perfect for students on the go. Built to be semi-rugged, it's tough enough to withstand the everyday bumps and knocks of school life and trips back home. Ideal for anyone needing a sturdy yet fully functional laptop for schoolwork and beyond.


Windows 11 enhances security for educational laptops with advanced features like TPM (Trusted Platform Module). This combination offers robust protection against cyber threats, ensuring student data is safeguarded. TPM provides secure hardware encryption, crucial for maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of information. Ideal for 1:1 device programs, Windows 11 with TPM keeps educational laptops secure, whether in school or at home.

Services & Support:

We have a range of warranty options to give you peace of mind. With up to 5 years total cover and extended service plan.

  • Standard: 1 year collect and return
  • Optional: Up to 5 years total cover and extended service plan.

If you need to keep your downtime to a minimum, our Extended Service Plan option will give you access to replacement parts, whole products or an on-site engineer within 1 working day of reporting the fault.

Your Flexbook can be delivered to desk pre-configured with a custom bios, imaging, Microsoft Autopilot Registration, custom branding, and asset tagging.

The Role of Educators:

Teachers play a critical role as facilitators in integrating technology into their curriculum. They must be adaptable, continuously updating their digital skills to leverage new tools that enhance teaching and engage students. This involves not just incorporating technology into lesson plans but also fostering an environment where students can use these tools to drive their own learning, develop critical thinking skills, and prepare for the digital world beyond school.

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