Days full of challenge

A career at VeryPC is no walk in the park. We pride ourselves on delivering customer satisfaction, no matter how demanding. When you join our family, you’ll be expected to play your part in achieving that goal.

One of our unique selling points is “everything is customisable”, so you need to be ready to adapt to new challenges every day. It’s hard work, but it’s never boring and we support each other on our journey together.


This is our mission

To give our customers the best experience they have ever had from any technology provider.

Values underpinning success

Go the extra mile

Our business is laser focussed on our customers' needs. It’s all about instilling an abiding sense of fulfilment from each interaction with us by providing a level of care and attention they’ve rarely seen.

Everything is customisable

We’re flexible. We tailor our offerings, from PC configuration and custom branding to bespoke delivery and support services, to match the requirements of each opportunity.

Always advancing

In the technology business, you must be ready to respond to developments in the market and evolving customer demands. If you don’t stay ahead, you get left behind.

Your work family

We have a family spirit in our work relationships, and when you join VeryPC as a customer, partner or teammate, you’re becoming part of this family.

True to our word

Integrity keeps business in check. We always do what we say we will do and we understand that we have a responsibility to run our organisation in a fair and ethical manner.

Credit where it’s due

We encourage both team and individual development and recognise achievement within our organisation. We recognise that sustainable growth and profitability are key to the future of our business. We recognise that relationships are at the heart of our success because there is no substitute for customer loyalty.

Play your part

VeryPC are a team working together on a common project. We all have our roles in the organisation; if we play to our strengths and all pull together, we can achieve amazing things.

To become part of the VeryPC team, you’ll need to embody our core values, and demonstrate that you can:

  • Work hard
  • Stay focussed on your task
  • Think for yourself
  • Work independently and as part of your team
  • Get along with and support your colleagues
  • Be prepared to muck-in with ad-hoc jobs when called upon
  • Be a part of the family and bring a little piece of yourself to our team

If you can do all of these, you’ll fit right in here, and soon be celebrating our successes along with the rest of the crew.

Join the VeryPC family

If you’re ready to accept the challenge and join the VeryPC family, please email a short introduction and accompanying CV to

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