Transform your big screen with the magic of OPS

By Luke Rogers


What is an OPS system & why should you care?

OPS, or Open Pluggable Specification, is a fancy acronym for a straightforward but powerful little machine. OPS can transform any compatible big screen into an all-in-one powerful computer system. Neatly tucked away behind the screen, giving you the latest Windows® 11 Pro, which you can revert to previous versions for your specific systems or software requirements.

You can use OPS for various solutions, and you're only limited by your imagination (and technical prowess). But here are a few everyday things that OPS is perfect for:

  • Classroom or lecture theatre learning
  • Business presentations
  • Interactive meeting and boardroom solutions
  • Group video conferencing
  • Digital signage and advertising
  • Any collaborative workspace

Plug & Play

OPS is simple. You connect it to the back of your compatible big screen using one single (80-pin) connector, which takes care of power, audio and visual display, and USB for touch-compatible panels.

OPS means no more trailing wires, power extension cables, or clutter with all the power and then some of a standard desktop computer.

Small but mighty

The VeryPC OPS System is powered by an 11th generation Intel® Core™ CPU with an i3, i5 and i7 energy-efficient options with integrated Intel® UHD Graphics. With up to 32GB RAM and SSD storage, your required performance will be there when you need it.

As well as connecting to your big screen, the Very PC OPS system has all the usual set of connections and ports you'd expect on any computer system, including:

  • HDMI ports supporting a second screen up to 4K resolution
  • USB 2.0 & 3.0 ports
  • Dual-band AC WiFi antenna for a stable wireless connection
  • Gigabit port for blazing-fast wired connections
  • Mic & line out combo port for audio
  • RS-232 serial port (COM)

Powered by Microsoft Windows®

Powered by the latest Windows® 11 Pro, you can enjoy all the Microsoft Apps, including Office 365, Teams, Outlook & more. The versatility of Pro also allows you to revert to previous versions of Windows® to ensure full compatibility with any bespoke software solutions.

Want to know more? Can't believe you don't have one already? Get in touch with our experts to power up your dull old display.

P.S. We have a giveaway

VeryPC is giving away a state-of-the-art interactive display solution, perfect for business presentations, interactive meetings, video conferencing or digital signage. 

The Prize

The lucky winner will receive a VeryPC OPS System and a Large Screen pre-installed with Windows 11 Pro for Business.

The prize will be customised based on the winner's requirements, so whether you're looking for a meeting room solution or digital signage for your business, we'll provide you with the best technology to suit your exact business needs.

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