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Added value via Microsoft partner

Microsoft 365 is the industry standard for productivity software and is an essential tool for any organisation. Microsoft 365 gives you access to your favourite applications and files wherever you are via PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.

Sourcing Microsoft 365 through VeryPC means that we, as a Microsoft Named Partner, can provide even more value to your business, school, or other establishments:

  • Simplify payments
  • Save costs
  • Additional security
  • Email continuity
  • Mailbox backup
  • Migration service

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Save and simplify

Purchasing Microsoft 365 through VeryPC means that you can pay by monthly direct debit, rather than via a bank card which will eventually expire and cause disruption to your subscription. VeryPC Managed Support customers can simply add Microsoft 365 subscriptions to their regular service payments.

With VeryPC, you may also be able to save on the standard costs of Microsoft 365. Savings are dependent on circumstances such as a number of licences required, type of organisation and the agreement you enter into with Microsoft. VeryPC will help you identify the best way to licence your software, be that normal subscription, Open Value Subscription or outright purchase. We\'ll make sure you get the most value for the best price possible.


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Advanced services

VeryPC offers several advanced services to protect and help you with Microsoft 365:

  • Migration
    Moving from a local to a cloud based platform can be tricky if you don\'t have the experience. We have lots of experience and can migrate your email and other Microsoft services so your entire transition is hassle free.
  • Email security and continuity
    VeryPC can provide an extra level of security to Microsoft 365. We\'ll filter for malicious emails and also provide a redundant mailing service to use if exchange ever goes down.
  • Microsoft 365 backup
    Normal Microsoft 365 does replicate your email data for efficiency, but it does not create a separate backup that you can use to restore lost data. We can provide Microsoft 365 backup so you are protected if the worst happens.

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Free 25 user 1 month trial of Microsoft 365 Business Premium - click now to claim

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