Introducing Broadleaf, our brand-new Green PC

By Kim Bailey


We're delighted to give you a taster of our brand-new Green PC, in collaboration with JWIPC. Launching in 2024, our revolutionary Broadleaf ‘Green PC’ integrates cutting-edge technologies to reduce carbon emissions and promote a sustainable future for IT.

Broadleaf encompasses every aspect of the product’s lifecycle, from supply chain and manufacturing to transportation, user daily usage, and product disposal and recycling. 

Below are some of the Green PC's key features:

  • Motherboard, designed by Intel has a 36% smaller footprint in the chassis compared to traditional motherboards. 

  • Powered by Intel® 12th Generation Core™ H45 processors enabling lower power consumption of 45W TDP, further reducing carbon footprint.

  • Power efficiency improvements thanks to cable-free design and the use of the small form factor ATX 12VO high efficiency power supply module.

  • Single fan cooling, to ensure performance while greatly reducing the number of screws in the machine.

  • Modular design, making the machine easy to disassemble and repair

  • Customised low-carbon software solution that enables active and intelligent adjustment of carbon emissions based on load.


Check back on our website in the new year for more exciting news and updates on Broadleaf!

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