Storage and backup

Identifying the right storage solution

Getting your storage hardware right is key to ensuring you have the right solution for your storage lifecycle and usage demands. Each VeryPC storage solution is uniquely configured for your needs.

By engaging with every customer individually we work to understand your needs in order to design the best storage solution for you and ensure compatibility with your applications.

Storage solutions take many forms utilising various media (disk, SSD, tape etc). The types of storage VeryPC supply are:

  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Storage Area Network (SAN)
  • Direct attached storage (JBOD)
  • Cloud storage

Listening to your requirements and configuring the perfect hardware in collaboration with you – that’s how we do it at VeryPC. This way we can design and supply the perfect storage solution for you whether it be a NAS or a fully blown SAN storage solution.

Here are a few of the considerations taken into account when designing your storage solution:

  • Quantity, type and size of your data
  • Speed data needs to be accessed
  • The number of users and frequency of access of data
  • The connectivity and location of the data
  • Redundancy and failover required
  • Future growth and expansion requirements
  • Duration of storage device service


Storage Area Network solutions provide advanced storage features, allowing multiple levels of connectivity, scalability and redundancy.

  • Constant Data Protection. CPD allows for data image snapshots and rollbacks.
  • Storage tiering so that disk performance is optimised to task.
  • Deduplication of data, saving storage space.
  • Data replication, providing easy backups.

VeryPC design and build a range of customised SAN server appliances in both direct attached and iSCSI styles which can be customised to your specific requirements.


Network Attached Storage is typically an entry level file storage appliance that operates as a network device. NAS solutions are suitable for small level storage with failover through RAID disk configuration.

VeryPC supply and partner with leading vendors such as Thecus, Drobo and Netgear to provide the right solution for our customers


Just a Bunch Of Disks. A JBOD direct attached storage box looks like a normal server, but its chassis contains nothing more than multiple hard drives, connectivity and power. JBODs are simple rack mounted boxes designed to house as much data storage as possible.

The purpose of the large amount of storage afforded by a JBOD depends on the end user. Depending on the hardware attached and software used to manage the storage, your JBOD can act as part of a shared storage cluster, an iSCSI endpoint or a highly redundant RAID array.

Storage scaling is achieved by simply adding more disks to your existing JBOD, or another JBOD to your array.

Cloud storage

Your storage hardware does not have to be actually located on your premises to be effective. Cloud storage solutions can provide all the features and benefits of advanced local storage such as a SAN, with some additional conveniences.

Cloud storage is available anywhere in the world and is, therefore, an ideal solution for a distributed workforce or teams who spend lots of their time travelling. Data is stored in fully serviced data-centres and can be colocated around the globe to maintain performance wherever you are. If you need more storage, scaling is as simple as logging into a portal and just switching on more terabytes!

Cloud storage is an ideal solution for organisations who lack either the real estate, infrastructure or resources to deploy a local storage solution. The simplicity of management and a service based model make it the solution of choice for many other types of organisation too.

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