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Forge Range

Designed for creative and technical professionals who demand the strongest performance in the heaviest workloads, Forge utilises the latest hardware and connectivity, to keep you ahead of the curve and well-equipped for:

✅ 3D Rendering
✅ Animation
✅ Game Development
✅ Graphics
✅ Video Editing

Why Forge?

Choosing Forge means investing in a workstation that's as dedicated to your craft as you are. It's not just about powerful hardware; it's about creating a seamless, efficient, and enjoyable creative process that brings your visions to life. Explore the Forge Range today and experience the difference true performance and reliability can make in your work.

We partner with quality manufacturers including: Fractal, AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, DeepCool, Noctua, Western Digital, Kingston and ASUS, and we hold them to our high standards to ensure your Forge system is high quality, high performing, and reliable.


We have a range of warranty options to give you peace of mind. With up to 5 years total cover and extended service plan.

  • Standard: 1 year collect and return
  • Optional: Up to 5 years total cover and extended service plan.

If you need to keep your downtime to a minimum, our Extended Service Plan option will give you access to replacement parts, whole products or an on-site engineer within 1 working day of reporting the fault.

Optimised for Leading Software

We've gone the extra mile to ensure that Forge workstations are not just compatible but optimised for the software you rely on. Through extensive testing, we've fine-tuned our systems to excel in applications for content creation, engineering and science.

Content Creation

Workstation computers are essential for a variety of content creation tasks, and Forge provides the necessary power for professionals and creatives to enhance their work. Thanks to their strong processing and advanced graphics capabilities, they are reliable tools for photo editing, video editing, 3D design, animation, game development and digital audio workstations (DAWs).


Forge is also great for visualization tasks, where detailed and realistic renderings of architectural designs and engineering projects are required, allowing you to handle large-scale CAD/CAM projects with ease. 


Forge offers the computational strength needed for advanced research and analysis, machine learning and AI projects, alongside the performance and reliability to conduct simulations, run sophisticated software, and analyse experimental data efficiently.

Customisation at its Core

We understand that no two creative workflows are the same. Each Forge workstation is built to order, allowing you to select components that match your specific project requirements. Whether it's high-frequency CPUs for game development, powerful GPUs for real-time rendering in animation, or expansive memory options for complex 3D models, the Forge Range has you covered.


Unparalleled Performance

At the heart of the Forge Range is a commitment to providing the raw power needed to bring your creations to life. With the latest in CPU and GPU technology, best in class connectivity, coupled with ultra-fast storage and memory, Forge Range workstations deliver the speed and reliability required to handle even the most demanding tasks, letting you focus on creativity without constraints.


Reliability You Can Trust

Your deadlines and projects are sacred, and downtime isn't an option. That's why Forge Range workstations undergo rigorous stress tests and quality checks to ensure they're ready for the rigors of professional use. From stable drivers to durable components, we build reliability into every aspect of the Forge Range, giving you peace of mind and keeping your workflow smooth and uninterrupted for 24/7 use.

Forge Pro

The Forge Pro has been designed with the best consumer hardware and connectivity to handle game design, content creation, CAD/CAM, rendering and machine learning with near silent operation in a mid-tower ATX format.

  • ATX mid-tower
  • Up to 10Gb Lan
  • Solid or glass side panel
  • Near silent operation
  • Tested reliability
  • Up to 5 year warranty

Forge Max

Forge Max is crafted with the best professional-grade hardware assembled in a full tower (eATX) format. World-class hardware and connectivity, ECC memory options, near silent operation, and tested reliability.

  • eATX full tower
  • Dual 10Gb LAN w/IPMI
  • Available with ECC memory
  • Near silent operation
  • Tested reliability
  • Up to 5 years warranty

Forge Rack Mounted

Forge Rack Mounted is all the power and reliability in a rack mounted server configuration and can be utilised remotely with 10Gb LAN and IPMI.

  • 2U rack mounted (450mm deep)
  • Dual 10Gb LAN w/IPMI
  • Swappable front/rear IO access
  • Available with ECC memory
  • Available with full-height GPUs
  • Up to 5 years warranty

Support that Understands Creatives

Behind every Forge Range workstation is a team of experts who speak your language. From initial consultation to ongoing support, we're here to help you get the most out of your system. Whether you need advice on configuring your workstation or troubleshooting a complex software issue, our dedicated support team is just a call or email away.

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