Total Customisation

Hardware and software. Just how you want it

At VeryPC we pride ourselves on giving you, our customers, exactly what you want. You can, of course, choose a standard configuration for any VeryPC product, but if you need to create a custom configuration, just ask.

Our specialists have absolutely loads of experience speccing up the perfect computers for our customers. They will be more than happy to listen to your requirements and special requests before quoting for your ideal custom PC.

Maybe you know what you want your computer to do but are not 100% sure how to achieve it. You may have a certain amount to spend and just want to get the best value possible. If you need us to, we’ll make suggestions based on your needs and budget so that you end up with the best performing, best value PC.

What gets loaded onto your PC is customisable too. We’ll add the operating system you want (or no OS if you prefer), load software such as Microsoft Office, or even deploy a custom hard drive image that you supply to us.

One thing we don’t do is bloat our installs with vendor-ware. We install vanilla Windows or just the extras that you ask us for.

What can you configure with VeryPC?

  • Hardware components to suit need and budget
  • Choose an operating system (or no OS)
  • Software pre-loading
  • Flash custom BIOS
  • Factory imaging of your custom hard drive image

Better on the inside

Computers are a lot like us humans. The better the stuff you put into them, the better the stuff you get out of them. This doesn’t mean having to pay for the most expensive components to create the best PC though. If you’ve ever configured any computers you’ll know that a few well judged choices of parts can make the difference between a computer that feels slow and clunky and one that feels bright, quick and responsive (go SSD! You will not regret it).

VeryPC’s specialists will respond to your configuration needs by selecting great value components that work together to match or exceed your requirements whilst always paying attention to that crucial detail, your purchasing budget.

Adding software (so you don’t have to)

It goes without saying that VeryPC systems come with an operating system. We can install any version of Windows 7 or 8.1 that you ask for, or we can supply with no OS if you want to add your own yourself.

We can supply plenty of other software suites and pre-install them for you so you don’t have to go through the rigmarole of doing it all yourself over and over again.

Custom set up and pre-imaging

Customising the computers we deliver to you goes deeper still. To really make the most of our factory services, you can ask us to pre-configure the network settings to your specification, flash a custom BIOS into the firmware, and deploy your custom hard drive image to every PC we make for you.

Custom hard drive imaging is simple. We send you a single PC to set up the way you like, collect it, capture the hard drive image and use it to deploy the rest of the order (and subsequent orders if you have more of the same next time).

VeryPC setup customisation services for PCs and laptops:

  • Custom hard drive imaging
  • Network pre-configuration
  • Flash custom BIOS

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