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Flex Micro as micro tower desktop

The teeny tiny tidy little Flex

Flex Micro is a 1 litre micro tower desktop PC that can be easily and conveniently mounted to any VESA compatible monitor or display.

Despite its slim 1L chassis, Flex Micro can be configured with up to Intel® Core™ i5 CPU, 32GB RAM and 4TB SSD. Connectivity is no problem either, this form factor is the smallest that can accommodate a full width (slim) motherboard IO interface supporting dual screen via HDMI and DisplayPort, USB 3.2, USB 2.0, ethernet and audio.

Every Flex Micro comes with a lockable cable shroud to help you deal with the cable clutter that often overwhelms a PC in the mini or micro form factor - its tidy chassis looks really smart on any desktop.

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Customise your spec

Specification flexibility

Just like all our PCs, the spec of Flex Micro is completely configurable. Our customisation experts will help you configure your Flex Micro with the right components to deliver the functionality you require.

Tell us what level of performance you require and we’ll adjust the specification to match. Processor, memory and storage can all be adjusted.

Flex Micro VESA mounted to the back of a monitor

A versatile form factor

Flex Micro makes a very tidy and convenient micro tower desktop PC and looks smashing doing it, but you can also choose to remove the stand and mount it using its integrated VESA compatible mounting plate. Flex Micro will mount to any VESA compatible monitor or display.

In combination with Flex Micro's lockable cable shroud, mounting your PC makes for a very clean and tidy desktop solution - great for crowded I.T. suites.

Flex Micro showing lockable cable shroud both open and closed

Practicality and security

Whether your Flex Micro is in desktop or mounted configuration, you can make use of its included cable shroud to tidy and secure your rear cables and connectors. The shroud can be secured with a single screw or a Kensington lock which extends through the shroud and also secures the chassis itself. The cable shroud is also removable if you prefer not to use it.

  • Screw lockable and removable cable shroud for a tidy workspace
  • Kensington lock point extends through shroud and chassis proper for double security

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