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CTOUCH is all about sharing, inspiring, and having fun. Giving great teachers the tools to do what they do best, Teach. CTOUCH interactive panels are featured packed, super user-friendly and make learning fun.

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The CTOUCH Riva is the one of the most intuitive touchscreens on the market. Teachers ask for ease of use, familiarity, and useful features, and that's exactly what the Riva provides!

Screen sizes available – 55”, 65,” 75”, 86”

Key features:

  • 4K (Ultra HD) panels with Triple S Glass - Smooth, stripeless & safe.
  • Truebeam Touch Technology - For a flawless writing experience.
  • Over the air updates - Automatically updated wirelessly.
  • Excellent sound quality - With JBL® Live Stage (Virtual) Surround sound.
  • A HUGE 7-year warranty - Built to last.

Want to learn more about CTOUCH Interactive Products?

There are loads of features and benefits below, but you can contact one of our interactive specialists now, and we'll find the right solution for you.

TrueBeam Technology


With TrueBeam Touch technology, you can annotate, write, and draw like never before. It has the same effortless, natural feel as writing on actual paper. Write as quickly as you can using your finger or a pen. For simple erasing without switching tools, use the palm of your hand. Simple, right?

Powerful Sound


Use the inbuilt 80 W JBL® speakers to impress your audience. Its powerful Live-stage (virtual) Surround sound will easily be heard in the back of the room. Not like anything you've ever experienced before!

CTOUCH Riva Specifications

  • Super user friendly interface: one touch & go
  • TrueBeam Touch – simulates natural handwriting
  • Triple S glass: smooth, stripeless and safe
  • Wireless screen sharing with EShare
  • State-of-the art Android 8 technology (option to upgrade to Android 10)
  • Incl: Mozabook education software
  • Over-the-air updates: your display will always be up-to-date
  • Excellent JBL® Live Stage (Virtual) Surround sound
  • BRIX compatible: modular and futureproof
  • Includes TrilbyTV



Tell your students to get their devices & encourage them to use EShare to present their ideas, information, and insights on a large screen. Or have the display push material to other devices in the room. Sharing knowledge has never been simpler. Devices running Chrome, Windows, Android, and Mac can use it. All it needs is an internet connection.

Triple S Glass


Triple S Glass is smooth, stripeless, and safe. Providing a flawless writing surface that feels great to touch, draw, and swipe whilst leaving minimal stains behind.

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