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An effective digital signage solution, made for education

TrilbyTV provides an effective digital signage solution designed by a team who understand, and work in, education, with over 30 years' experience in the industry. School life is hectic so your technology should provide solutions, not create problems. Digital signage helps staff, students and visitors retain important information, from parent’s evening reminders to Covid testing protocol.

TrilbyTV uses straightforward Cloud-based software to make the digital process as user-friendly and accessible as possible. This allows all staff, no matter how tech-savvy, to easily upload, manage and share content.

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Out of the box features

User friendly

TrilbyTV uses straightforward cloud-based software to make the digital process as user-friendly and accessible as possible. 

Integrated digital signage systems mean that even the busiest schools and academies can share up-to-date content on screens, which help to build whole school communication, engagement and cultivate community spirit.

TrilbyTV can playback your content on all common devices. If you already have a TV screen, you probably already have a suitable player device, cutting costs on purchasing new equipment.

Give your school the competitive edge with TrilbyTV.

Easy to Use

Integrates perfectly 

The TrilbyTV Player apps are supported on all major platforms and hardware running Android, iOS, tvOS, macOS or Windows, making installation a breeze.

Users can login with their Google, Microsoft, or Apple ID. Content support includes PowerPoint, PDF, Google Slides, Word, Publisher, YouTube, Twitter, and RSS. As Google for Education partners, TrilbyTV digital signage is also fully integrated with Google Classroom, which proves to be increasingly useful during the rise in home learning.

Give more purpose to content on TrilbyTV by embedding in your blog or VLE or share content to a wider audience as a link via email or social media.

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