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Embracing Sustainability: The Broadleaf Approach

The Broadleaf range is all about making computers in a way that's better for the planet. We're kicking things off with the Broadleaf Mini, which is more than just a computer – it's our way of trying to cut down on carbon emissions and help the Earth stay green.

We teamed up with JWIPC and Intel to make these devices, which are part of the "Intel Green PCs Concept." This means they're made to be energy-efficient and have a smaller carbon footprint from start to finish. The Broadleaf range shows how committed we are to helping education users be more sustainable and hit their carbon reduction goals.

Innovative Green Technology

The core idea behind The Broadleaf Range is all about being kinder to the planet. We're big fans of the "Cradle-to-Cradle" idea, which means we think about the environment at every step - from the drawing board to when our products are no longer needed. These computers are built to use as little power as possible and reduce carbon emissions.

This makes it easier for schools and businesses to make choices that match up with their green goals. Plus, we're pretty open about where our materials come from and we make sure to use eco-friendly stuff, showing just how serious we are about looking after the environment.

Sustainability Highlights

We're all about designing our computers to be super energy-efficient, which really helps cut down on how much power they use. This is great for schools and businesses trying to lower their carbon footprint and save on energy bills. It's a smart, eco-friendly choice when they're looking to buy new computers.

We will be offering performance and power data to help you make more informed decisions. We will publish energy use, performance to power, and the average costs you can expect versus a similar desktop solution that isn't a Broadleaf.

By being open about where our stuff comes from, using eco-friendly materials, and giving you the data and breakdown on Broadleaf's carbon footprint, we're setting a pretty good example of how to cut down on carbon throughout a product's life. This not only boosts our impact but also makes more people aware of environmental issues.

Shaping the Future of Education

The Broadleaf Range isn't just a new gadget; it's a way to teach kids about looking after our planet. Schools that use these green PCs in their lessons can really show off how to cut carbon and be more sustainable.

This doesn't just make learning cooler; it also helps build a mindset of caring for the environment in young people. The Broadleaf Range is set to shake up how we think about tech in education, showing that you can have awesome tech without messing up the Earth's tomorrow.

Discover Broadleaf

The Broadleaf Range is all about mixing being green with the latest tech. Thanks to some clever designing and eco-friendly ways of doing things, Broadleaf PCs are more than just top-notch performers; they're also about making less of a dent on the environment. We make sure every product we whip up is up to scratch with today's tech needs and helps out the planet too.

Going for Broadleaf means you're joining the push for tech that's kinder to the Earth, showing that you can be inventive and responsible at the same time.

Broadleaf Mini

The Broadleaf Mini is our flagship SFF (small form factor) green pc featuring modern connectivity and industry-leading sustainability with a reduced carbon footprint, and recyclable material.

- Thunderbolt 4
- 96%+ power efficiency
- Industry-leading sustainability
- SFF 7L volume
- Brandable

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