Interactive Flat Panels

Give your classroom the ultimate edge with interactive flat panel learning technology

When you combine excellent teaching practices with education software and the right learning technology, outstanding success is over three times as likely to be achieved. 

Interactive flat panels are that technology and are now the standard screen at the front of most classrooms. Modern interactive boards outperform older interactive display technologies with a far superior user experience. Teachers and students can benefit from the latest technology and high-spec hardware features that are not available with projectors and boards.

An interactive flat panel display gives you access to immense, bright displays with rich, vibrant colours, all presented in 4K UHD. Touch technology is built right into the unit with up to 40 simultaneous touch points and user-allocated quad pen input supported.

Featured Technology

Interactive flat panel displays feature a range of technologies to improve the learning experience for your students and teachers. Some of the features you can expect are listed below:

  • Up to 40 simultaneous touch points
  • Stylus input up to 4 pens with user recognition
  • Gesture control (e.g. wipe to erase)
  • 4K Ultra HD Display up to 86"
  • HDMI, USB-C & all the standard connections
  • Up to 5 year on-site warranty

Big Display, Big Experience

The stand-out benefit of an interactive flat panel display is image quality. You have, in effect, a giant touchscreen monitor mounted to your classroom wall. As a result, teachers and students feel closer and more connected with the big, bright and vibrant images in a way that does not translate to projected imagery.

4K UHD resolutions mean more information on the screen in much greater detail. Brighter, more vibrant colours communicate the richness of image and video content. Everything is more accurate and accessible, stripping away artefacts of the display technology to deliver unfiltered learning more directly to your students.

Our Interactive Flat Panel Partners

We’ve been involved in all things AV for a while now. We have developed many relationships with the biggest Interactive Flat Panel providers in the UK. This ensures that we meet your desired requirements when transforming the technology in your classroom.

Our in-house team will work closely with you to establish which partner will be the perfect fit for your school. Building key relationships with our partners ensures that we’re constantly up to date with the latest AV developments and technology and can provide you with the best possible service.



SMART are award-winning leaders in interactive display technology with years of experience in the industry. Their software solutions and interactive displays are trusted by teachers, students, and businesses around the world. 


BenQ focus on health and education technology solutions supplying innovative, germ resistant interactive flat panel displays, projectors, monitors and more. 


Newline aim to provide the best interactive products, services, and solutions fit for modern workspaces, schools, and businesses.


CTOUCH provide user-friendly interactive whiteboards that bring the power of touch to learning environments. Their aim is to boost interactivity, productivity, and engagement in classrooms and meetings.


ViewSonic provide solutions for learning, work, and play through multipurpose monitors, intuitive pen displays, projectors and accessories. They are dedicated to creating modern EdTech solutions that are intuitive for all levels of teaching.

Interactive Flat Panel Accessories

Enhance your interactive technology with the addition of a few optional extras to aid mounting, boost audio and organise cabling. You can buy these parts separately from VeryPC or save money by choosing one of our pre-prepared interactive bundles.

Our interactive bundles are designed to save you money by discounting the total cost when you buy everything together. These bundles include the main display and touch devices, any additional mounting gear that may be required, external audio, cable management and on-site installation services too.


You’ll need a separate mounting kit to fix your interactive flat panel display to the wall, or you can choose a mobile mounting stand if you need to move the display from room to room. VeryPC supply several types of kit, each with its own unique features and benefits.

We offer static wall mounts, tilting wall mounts, rotating wall mounts, wall to floor mounts and mobile stands. Speak to our team to find out which type of mount is best for your needs.


Interactive flat panel displays have internal speakers which provide basic sound. For an improved classroom audio experience, we recommend the addition of external wall mounted speakers or a lovely discrete soundbar.

VeryPC supply several sets of speakers and soundbars designed for this purpose. Adding external sound does not add much to the cost of your interactive purchase but can dramatically enhance learning outcomes by boosting volume and improving audio quality.

Cabling, trunking and connectivity kits

The final step in creating a nice clean interactive classroom installation is tidying up all those messy cables. A tidy installation is not purely for aesthetics though, as dangling cables can be a real safety hazard in a busy classroom.

VeryPC supply various parts that will help such as longer cables, multi-input connectivity faceplates and trunking kits to keep everything tucked away safely and out of sight


A crucial part of acquiring new interactive technology is making sure it is safely and securely installed in your classrooms. VeryPC offers a full on-site installation service by trained professionals. We’ll take care of the heavy lifting, mounting, cabling and checking everything is in place and working properly so you can relax and get on with your own work.

We take great pride in making sure our customers are totally satisfied with the products and services provided by VeryPC. You let us know how you need the work to be done and we’ll do whatever we can to accommodate your needs.

Easy Connectivity

As part of the installation, we will tidy up cables into discrete trunking and install special power and connector panels so it’s really easy for your teachers to plug in their computers and begin lessons really quickly.

Our carefully organised installation will provide easy access to video and audio inputs, Ethernet, USB and power via tidy panels. The inputs are routed to these panels so that a teacher computer can be connected quickly without having to awkwardly stretch cables up to the direct inputs of the interactive display.

Trained Professionals

VeryPC trained installation professionals use an extensive toolkit of lifting, fixing, connectivity and trunking equipment to create the tidiest results possible. After assessing your preferred site and consulting with you on positioning and cabling, they will get on with the work required so you can get on with yours.

Any installation work inevitably generates a bit of mess. After the work is done and approved to your satisfaction, our installation specialists will hoover up their drilling dust, remove any leftover bits and pieces and take away spare packaging. It will be like we were never there, except for the awesome new kit we’ve installed of course!

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