Olus Education

Who are Olus Education?

Olus Education supports digital learning wherever it happens. Their mission is to empower students and teachers to use digital tools effectively - transforming digital literacy for the next generation.

By partnering with Olus, we aim to bring awareness to this powerful tool that makes digital learning easy for students and staff whilst also reducing the workload for teachers.

Your Journey

Start with the basics and move forward at your own pace. Learn and teach in a way that suits each individual class teacher. Built for flexibility and all skills and confidence levels, from beginner to advanced!

Device basics: Chromebook, iPad & WindowsDigital literacy basicsOngoing skills development & curriculum integration

Device Essentials

Learn to use Chromebooks, Apple iPads, and Windows laptops in just three short lessons with a comprehensive student learning portal.

  1. 1. Search safely, log in/log out of apps
  2. 2. Scroll, select and navigate the cursor, 'right-click'
  3. 3. Use the camera, take screenshots
  4. 4. Save/retrieve files, and more 'Essentials'

Computing Essentials

Start utilising powerful ecosystems and learning environments like Google, Microsoft, and Apple/iOS apps with your core subjects:

  1. 1. Six week student-lead courses
  2. 2. Classroom-focused use of core apps
  3. 3. Differentiated by year groups
  4. 4. Staff are fully supported

Full Computing Curriculum Plan

  1. ✅Teacher portals with planning, training & assessment
  2. ✅ 5x courses per year group on the student portal
  3. ✅ Reduces workload and fits with busy timetables
  4. ✅ Google Workspace & Microsoft 365 staff training
  5. ✅ Online safety programme
  6. ✅ Community rewards for students and staff

Success Story

Hounslow Heath is a large primary school in the Greater London area.  With two computing coordinators, the school sought to find a solution that could empower a large staff size, remain flexible enough to cater for inevitable changes within a large staff and to do so by giving the students as much agency over their own learning as possible. 

Students: 800
Apps: Coding, Digital Literacy, Online Safety, I.T. (Google Workspace)

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The Challenge

To create an outstanding computing environment for over 800 students and a large faculty with a focus on student ownership.

The Solution

Build a strong foundation of device skills before moving onto complex curriculum-focused apps with a balance of student-led & whole-class learning.

The Results

Staff built a strong foundation that has enabled them to rollout a self-differentiated, student-driven, teacher-supported learning programme.

Response from the School

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