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Newline has created a wide range of interactive displays that are powerful, secure, and safe solutions for the next-gen classroom. Helping teachers build an engaging, dynamic learning environment and bringing efficiency to their classes. Inspiring students to participate and interact like never before!


Lyra is their best education solution to date. More powerful, secure, and future-proof than any of their previews interactive panels. Vibrant, easy to use, paper like writing, and extensive connectivity make the Lyra a force to be reckoned with.

Screen sizes available – 55”, 65,” 75”, 86” & 98"

Key features:

  • 4K (Ultra HD) vibrant panels
  • Plug and play all the way - Only need to use one cable
  • Powerful user profiles - Save settings for teachers, students, teams, or departments.
  • Newline Interactive Ecosystem - Full of software, tools and apps to help teachers teach, in their own style

Want to learn more about Newline Interactive Products?

Newline offer up to 6 interactive solutions to suit your individual needs, check out some of the features of Lyra below or get in touch with one of our interactive specialists who can find the right solution for you!

User Profiles


Teachers, students, teams, or departments can keep their home screen and specially designed settings. Eliminate the trouble of entering into devices and switching users. Your session's screen will no longer need to be customised—ideal for the flexible learning environments of today.

Plug & Play


Streamlining your setup with a fast and easy USB-C connection. Thanks to plug & play USB-C, your entire setup process requires plugging in one cable – which transports data, audio, video and power. Connect and disconnect immediately or switch devices without any hassle.

Newline Lyra Specifications

  • Vibrant Ultra-HD 4K display
  • Embedded Blue Light Filter
  • Antimicrobial Glass
  • Enhanced Wifi & Bluetooth Connectivity
  • 65W Powered USB Type-C 
  • Secure Multi User Profiles
  • Broad Compatibility with Android, Windows, Apple & Chrome
  • High Quality Sound System
  • Wide Range of Sizes
  • Newline Interactive Ecosystem

Features & Safety


The Lyra display is packed full of features & safety measures including;

  • Antimicrobial Glass
  • Embedded Blue Light Filter
  • Latest Android 11 with Safe Mode
  • FREE Edtech Tools & Apps
  • Object Recognition

Newline Cast


The redesigned Interactive Ecosystem has abundant software, tools, and apps to support teachers' individual teaching styles. With Newline Cast you can enjoy two-way collaboration, capture & share your screen, present with one click, and share files with anyone involved!

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