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2 children using interactive projection screen

Interactive learning for everyone

Turn any light coloured wall into an interactive learning space. Simply calibrate the projected display for touch and sensors in the ultra short throw projector will track and interact with your fingers or pens as you work.

An interactive projector makes it easy and affordable to draw, write, inform, learn, play and collaborate on a shared surface. The use of familiar gestures in a large working environment gives students an intuitive experience that is great for learning.

Several different categories of product are available to suit budget, function and purpose. VeryPC partner with the leading interactive display vendors to bring the best value experience to your learning environment.

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Epson interactive projector

Featured technology

Interactive projectors from Epson, Hitachi and SMART feature a range of technologies to improve the learning experience for your students and teachers. Some of the features you can expect are listed below (dependent on model/manufacturer):

  • Finger touch up to 6 points
  • Stylus input up to 2 pens
  • Gesture control (e.g. wipe to erase)
  • Projector based infra-red sensors
  • WXGA 1280 x 800 pixel (16:9 aspect ratio)
  • Up to 3,300 lumens brightness
  • HDMI and VGA connectors
  • Bundled interactive software
  • Up to 5 year warranty
Hitachi interactive projector

Simple and affordable

An interactive projector is the most affordable way to provide large display interactive learning for your teachers and students. Whilst interactive projectors may not boast all the bells and whistles of interactive boards or especially interactive flat panel displays, they are well featured and make a great entry level route into interactive learning.

There is no need for your establishment to go without interactive learning. For a low initial outlay you can provide this essential tool to your staff and students. Do remember to consider the future cost of replacement bulbs for the projector though; budget for one of these roughly every 1-2 years (depending on usage) for lower cost models, extending up to every 3-5 years for the higher end models.