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Viewsonic is dedicated to creating modern, interactive, and intuitive panels that are part of a learning ecosystem. These products and suites give teachers what they need with flexibility and resources that never sacrifice human connection.

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A 4K Ultra HD interactive whiteboard equipped teacher friendly design features and world-class collaboration tools for engaging and interactive lessons made easy.

Screen sizes available – 65", 75" and 86"

Key features:

  • New Exterior Design with Innovative Multimedia Sound Bar
  • USB-C for plug-and-play connectivity via a single cable
  • Dual-pen, 33-point touch with naturally smooth writing experience
  • Industry-leading audio and advanced eye-care technology
  • Centralised remote management system via myViewBoard Manager

Want to learn more about Viewsonic Interactive Products?

Viewsonic offer a wide range of interactive solutions to suit your individual needs, check out some of the features of the IFP7552 below or get in touch with one of our interactive specialist who can find the right solution for you!

Easy Connections with USB-C


A single cable solution for all your data, video, and power needs. With a single USB-C, you don't need any technical know-how for instant plug-and-play whiteboarding, presentation, and collaborative learning.

Eye Care Technology


More than just a stunning 4K screen. Packed with eye-caring technology, including flicker-free viewing, blue light filter, and anti-glare coating, all built right into the panel for a safe & fantastic viewing experience.

Viewsonic IFP7552 Features

  • Vibrant Ultra-HD 4K display
  • Remote Management System
  • Advanced Eye-Care Technology
  • Industry-Leading Classroom Sound
  • Ultra Fine Touch and Palm Awareness Technology
  • Easy Access Shortcut Keys
  • Easy Casting via myViewBoard Display
  • Wireless Connection via vCastSender
  • Instant Connection via USB-C

Cloud Powered Security with AWS


Enjoy enterprise-grade security with the AWS-powered myViewBoard whiteboarding software that offers iron-clad, trustworthy cloud-based security & encryption to ensure your files & information stay safe.

myViewBoard® Remote Management


Centralised & user-friendly remote management software is accessible via desktop or mobile. Empower IT, managers, & verified administrators to update, schedule, broadcast and manage multiple displays simultaneously from any location via the internet.

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