Social Distancing stickers: utilising our in-house skills

By Nicole Scarfe


The colouring-in-department for many years now have been providing our famous custom branding options on our own desktop PCs and laptops and Tier 1 devices from leading brands. So, when we were tasked with creating and printing social distancing floor stickers for the VeryPC office and factory that got us thinking. Why let our capabilities go to waste?!

As the Graphic Designer here at VeryPC, I'm tasked with creating unique and eye-catching designs on a daily basis for schools and businesses to go on their brand new PCs and laptops. I love the process of designing them, printing and laminating, and then getting to see them leave the VeryPC factory all boxed up and ready to be used by students in schools and in a wide variety of businesses across the country. 

It's been a strange few months throughout the COVID-19 outbreak and creating social distancing floor stickers is quite honestly something I never thought I'd be doing. But when we've got everything we need in-house to provide these, we couldn't not help you out. Our stickers are high quality and scuff resistant, it leaves no glue behind and has a pebble textured finish which is perfect for floors. 

We won’t make you pay more than £8.99 for each individual sticker which may come as a shock, especially with other companies cashing in and charging through the roof for safety.

Why not have a chat with our sales team today about your requirements today and I’ll get the stickers you require printed and shipped out to you in a timely manner. I’ll even pop in a pair of VeryPC socks in with your order to make sure your feet are extra toasty in these crazy times, saves a trip to Primark!

Nicole, Graphic Designer. 

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