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An extension to your team

I.T. support is our business, yours is everything else. The VeryPC Managed Support team take care of your I.T. so you are free to focus on the important work of operating your organisation.

Our job is making sure you can use your I.T. as effectively as possible, with minimal disruption. Our team look after your entire network, including PCs and servers, keeping downtime to a minimum so your team can be as productive as possible.

Think of us as your I.T. department. Our flexible support agreements range from covering 100% of your I.T. requirements, to providing support for your I.T. infrastructure whilst your in-house team handles staff PC problems.

VeryPC Managed Support - our team is your team.

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A friendly, unlimited support helpdesk

Our support helpdesk is staffed by a team of friendly folk with lots of experience solving customers' I.T. problems. With a VeryPC Managed Support agreement, you can contact us as often as you need and we'll be here to deal with all your technical issues.

Whenever you contact us, you'll always find a helpful voice or set of typing fingers at the other end of the line, ready to tackle your problem and get you up and running again.

Different technical issues require different approaches. Our helpdesk can solve your problem with the most appropriate method:

  • Telephone fix - to help you with simple fixes that can be solved immediately
  • Remote fix - with your authorisation, we'll apply a solution by operating your computer remotely
  • On-site fix - If a pair of real-world hands or eyes are required, we'll visit your site and do what needs to be done
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Fixing faults before you even know about them

Organisations use lots of different IT equipment: desktop PCs, laptops, servers, network routers, switches and more. It's our job to keep an eye on the "health" of all these potential points of failure so we can avoid impending faults and keep disruption to a minimum.

Our Managed Support dashboard indicates the status of every registered device on your network, warning our team if something is displaying signs of weakness and alerting us immediately if a fault occurs. This means we can often apply a fix before you even know there is anything wrong.

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Flexible support agreements

Each organisation has different needs when it comes to I.T. support. Our Managed Support agreements can be tailored to your individual needs so that you only pay for the services you require. We know that business ebbs and flows, so our agreements are designed to scale with your organisation, making sure you are always provided with just the right amount of support.

Put your I.T. into a safe pair of hands. Our team will give you the confidence to get on with business knowing you're supported. We'll make an agreement that fits your requirements snugly so you'll always have the comfort of knowing that you're getting the best possible value.

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