Socktober is officially back!

Some of you may remember our old Socktober giveaways or be thinking, what the hell is this? Well, hold onto your socks because October is officially cancelled. Think less pumpkin-spiced lattes and more great prizes, brand new award-winning socks (yes, really) and one massive tech grand prize.

The Prizes

We will give away £100 worth of Amazon vouchers each week of Socktober! The first draw will happen on Friday the 6th, and the last will be Friday the 27th. 

The GRAND PRIZE will be a brand-new Samsung Galaxy S23 (128Gb | 8Gb) or the equivalent in vouchers. To give us some time to count all entries we will announce the grand prize winner on Friday 3rd November!

Everyone who enters the giveaway between the 2nd of October and the 31st of October will receive a pair of award-winning socks once the competition is over! You might even get a limited-edition pair from the Vaults. 👀

How to enter

Just get in touch using the form below! We want to talk to you about upcoming projects, new tech, stellar support, or if you are just looking for some friendly Yorkshire advice. Whatever it is, we are here and ready to help every step of the way.

Terms and Conditions

Just so we are SUPER CLEAR, we will need your up-to-date contact details, including name, professional email, contact number, business or school name, and a workplace delivery address for the award-winning socks and if you win a prize! 

Everyone who enters will be eligible for all prize draws, and by submitting your details using the below form, you agree to a few things;

  • To be contacted by telephone and email by one of our friendly colleagues to discuss our products and services.
  • To be contacted by our marketing team by phone or email regarding the giveaway prizes.
  • To supply only professional contact details, including work email and work delivery address - personal emails and delivery addresses will be disqualified (sorry).

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