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Green PC

The choice for ethical consumers. Our Broadleaf range of PCs are built to be as sustainable as possible. Energy efficient, low toxic, PVC/BFR free, EOL recyclable.

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Desktop PC

Flexible desktop PCs for every budget. Versatile and customisable.

Fully featured, up to Intel® Core™ i7 performance.

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Mini PC

Tiny space and energy saving UCFF PCs.

VESA mountable, up to Intel® Core™ i7 performance.

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All-in-One PC

PC and touch screen monitor combination in a single unit.

Class up your workspace with these stylish beauties. Up to Intel® Core™ i7.

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VeryPC value goes mobile.

Great value notebooks to high performance super slim ultrabooks.

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Mobile devices

Ultra mobile devices from casual use to productivity tasks.

Tablets, convertible and detachable 2-in-1 Windows devices.

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Workstations highly customised to your designing purpose or simply all-round ultra performance beasts.

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Built for purpose servers including core server, VDI, HPC, virtualisation host, appliance, database, SAN, NAS and more.

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VeryPC supply IT accessories and peripherals such as monitors, mounting and storage solutions and more...

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Technology to make your lessons and meetings more exciting and engaging.

Interactive displays, white boards and projection.

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Audio Visual

VeryPC supply display and sound equipment such as projectors, big screens, visualisers and more...

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Computers wouldn't be much use without it. Get productive, get creative, get learning with industry leading software brands supplied by VeryPC.

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