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Our Wraparound Delivery service

VeryPC’s Wraparound Delivery service is the suite of services we wrap around your order to take as much of the workload off your hands as possible, both before dispatch and after arrival.

It starts with simple pre-shipment services like applying your asset tags and batching your order into manageable chunks just to make things easier for you when you take delivery. As for delivery itself, well we can help there too. If you need us to we can send along a technician to install all your new kit to desk and make sure everything is running smoothly before taking away the packaging and any old machines you no longer need.

VeryPC Wraparound Delivery includes whichever services from the following you may require:

  • Asset tagging
  • Inventory management
  • Call off order (deliveries batched to schedule)
  • On-site delivery assistance
  • Installation to desk
  • Packaging take back
  • Recycling or disposal of old hardware to WEEE regulations
  • Secure data disposal

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PC > VeryPC box > desk of computers > empty packaging and old PC removed

Managing your inventory before you even receive it

It’s essential to get organised before taking on a whole load of new equipment for your school or organisation. We’re not going to pretend that we can make it so you have absolutely no work to do, but there are ways we can ease the strain of a potentially stressful event for a network manager.

Asset tagging
We can asset tag your hardware for you using a series of sequential numbers you supply. We can use tags you supply to us or get the tags made for you, the choice is really yours.

Inventory management
Some of our customers have to track their units before unboxing. If you need to know what is going where for the items in your delivery, we can add unique barcode identifiers to each box we deliver to you so you can manage the distribution of your new kit.

Call off order
Getting your big order delivered can be quite an exciting event, but it’s not always easy to handle that much stuff landing on your doorstep in one big lump. Ask us to hold your order and split your deliveries into manageable batches if it fits better with your schedule.

Broadleaf back panel with asset tag and unique barcode plus roll of barcode labels

On-site installation

We know you’re busy. Pretty much anyone who works in IT is these days. Come the time of your delivery you might have a thousand and one other things to be worrying about rather than messing about unboxing PCs and carting them all over your workplace plugging them into keyboards and monitors all day.

Don’t worry, we can take the stress and strain of this off your hands. If you want, we’ll send someone down with your delivery to do whatever you need when your stuff arrives.

An extra pair of hands
It may just be simple unboxing and organising or making sure the right amount of each unit gets taken to the rooms you need them in. No problem, our staff can be there to lug things about before you do the rest of the setup yourself.

Full desk installation
Our people will go the extra mile and make sure that all your PCs are fully installed to desk before they leave. This includes connecting everything together, any cable management required, plugging the units in and giving them a quick boot up to make sure all is as it should be.

Don’t be afraid to ask
You’re the boss. Whilst our staff are on your premises, you should make the most of their expertise and let them help you with whatever else might need doing as part of delivery day.

The way we see it, you’ve booked us for the morning or the day, so take advantage of having a temporary extra team member and put them to work!

After the deed is done

As you know, getting a delivery of computers unpacked and installed is not quite the end of your work for the day. You’ll be left with lots of packaging and probably a whole host of old PCs that are now just getting in the way.

Packaging take back
If you ask for it, we’ll take away the packaging that your new PCs came in. In most cases, the materials will be in perfectly good condition to be reused, and we’ll make sure that happens rather than wasting them just by chucking them away.

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Removing your old hardware
We can clear your site of all the unused equipment you might now have on your hands. Instead of them collecting dust in some old storeroom or filling up a skip, we can remove your old PCs for you. If they are in a good enough state, we’ll pass them on for refurbishment or recycling and they may end up being used for a charitable cause. If they are totally past it, we’ll dispose of them responsibly as per the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations.

Secure data disposal
Don’t worry about any confidential data on your old hard drives. Let us know and we’ll make sure that the data is securely destroyed before the drive goes anywhere else.