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Stylised graphic showing the same SMART amp workspace being used simultaneously on 3 devices. 1, Teacher operating the interactive display. 2, PC with keyboard and mouse. 3, touch tablet

Created for classroom collaboration

SMART amp is the tool for collaborating with your students in a shared online workspace. Put simply, it’s a big sheet of paper in your web browser that you and your class can all work on together, but it’s also so much more than that.

  • Begin with a blank workspace or learning paths in place.
  • Share workspace with free Google Apps for Education accounts.
  • All can add content: freehand, text, images, videos, links, shapes.
  • Teacher has control over access and can lock the workspace.
  • Visibility of student contributions and ad-hoc assessment creation.
  • Use workspace anywhere, anytime with any HTML5 ready device.

Voted “Best web-based ICT tool for teaching” at the BETT Awards 2015.
31 user licences included with SMART Learning Suite

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Children at classroom table using SMARt amp on laptops and tablets

Make the most of your mobile devices

SMART amp runs in any HTML5 compatible browser, which means that it works on just about every mobile device released in the last few years. Give all your mobile devices a role to play in any lesson and immediately justify your school’s investment in those devices. SMART amp allows you to actually improve project-based and student-led learning outcomes using devices.

Because SMART amp’s workspaces are saved and shared via Google Drive, you and your students can access them in the browser anywhere at any time. There is no longer any need to be limited by physical location or time of day. Learning and collaboration can extend outside the classroom with students able to explore and interact with the workspace wherever and whenever curiosity strikes. Plus, whatever device they use, be it a tablet, netbook, laptop, desktop PC or interactive display, your workspace will present a consistent, familiar interface.

Student using SMAR amp workspace on interactive board in front of class of peers

Natural learning with improved outcomes

Today’s students are digital natives who love and understand their mobile devices, but until now this would not be considered a path toward learning outcomes. SMART amp takes your students’ natural enthusiasm for mobile and social technology and brings it into the classroom. Put learning outcomes at the heart of your lesson by integrating expected outcomes into your SMART amp workspace.

In addition to improving project-based and student-led learning, SMART amp also fosters soft skills which can be overlooked in a traditional learning environment. By working together in a natural, authentic way with the familiar, intuitive tools in SMART amp, students are practising collaboration, interaction, creativity and technology even as they focus on their learning goals.

SMART amp is not just about getting the most from devices, but using devices to get the most from students.

Stylised graphic showing the same SMART amp workspace being used simultaneously on 2 devices. 1, Teacher's interactive display highlights which pupils have made contributions and shows results of assessment embedded in workspace. 2, Pupil's tablet is being used to work through the embedded assesment

Flexibility, visibility and insight

SMART amp is designed specifically for educators; it is both a learning tool and a teaching tool. As a teaching tool, SMART amp makes it easy for you to switch teaching styles, oversee student contributions and asses understanding.

Go from lecturing your class as they follow your screen to whole class collaboration to group projects to student work sharing with a couple of clicks. SMART amp’s teacher session has a “follow me” button to immediately focus the class on what you want, or you can pass control to any individual student to demonstrate their work.

Every element in a SMART amp workspace, be it text, image or whatever else is tagged with the contributor’s ID. These identifications remain invisible until you want to see them, and you have control over who can see them too. Choose to identify as many or as few contributors as you like.

SMART amp allows the teacher to insert assessments directly into any workspace and review student responses. You can also ask quick questions from outside the workspace and students will be notified that their response is required.

Teacher and student work together in SMART amp workspace on the classroom interactive display whilst students separately discuss the content of the workspace

Remove barriers to learning

There are many barriers that may prevent learning – some pupils are shy, others not, whilst some are boisterous. SMART amp removes these barriers by giving all involved a chance to express themselves freely in a safe environment and allowing for a different, more equal type of dialogue.

What type of device and location also cease to be an issue. By offering a no boundaries approach to learning, pupils and teachers can collaborate regardless of location or device – whether at home on a laptop, in school on a desktop, or on the journey home learning can continue for all.

This flexibility allows pupils access to lesson content anywhere, any time and it also means that lessons can be planned collaboratively in advance or can take shape spontaneously with student input. Wherever they are, teachers and students have the flexibility to access lesson content, as well as run planned or spontaneous assessments through an intuitive, web-based interface.

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