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SMART lab: Create engaging activities in under 5 minutes. SMART response: Quick and effective formative assessment

Gamification and assessment tools built right into Notebook

SMART Notebook has 2 amazingly useful modules built right into it. These 2 components, for quickly creating learning games and formative assessments respectively, could stand as applications in their own right, but are accessed and used from right there in Notebook.

  • SMART lab™ (Lesson Activity Builder)
    SMART lab, a component of SMART Notebook, both engages students with fun educational games and saves lots of time by letting teachers captivate students for hours with learning activities they create in 5 minutes.
  • SMART response™ 2
    SMART response 2, a component of SMART Notebook, is formative assessment software for use on student devices that allows you to create a question set to complement your lesson in under 5 minutes.

SMART lab and response 2 are accessed via a single tap in the SMART Notebook toolbar

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SMART lab. Pupil playing multiplication game SMART lab game on interactive display


It's time to have some fun. Teachers know that students sometimes learn alot when they don't even realise they're doing it. SMART lab, built right into SMART Notebook, gives teachers the means to quickly build game-based activities that amaze and engage students on their devices or front-of-room display.

SMART lab gamified activities can be used to practice and consolidate recently acquired knowledge or refresh a topic previously learnt. Visual appeal and variety of activity types keep students engaged. Alter the graphic theme and choose from many activity templates, multiple choice races, sorting exercises, fill in the blanks or one of the many other options. Setting up an activity is quick and easy:

  • Select activity from many useful templates
  • Customise content with the creation wizard
  • Start playing on the big display or push out to student devices

Or visit the SMART Exchange for hundreds of downloadable activities created by other teachers.

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SMART response. Teacher reviews student performance on SMART board

SMART response 2

With SMART response 2, it's so easy to get immediate feedback on student understanding without breaking the flow of your lesson.

Be sure of the level to which your students have understood a lesson and know where to plug the knowledge gaps. Create a set of questions right there inside your SMART Notebook lesson for students to answer on their desktop PCs, laptops, tablets or phones. You will get an instant, exportable report on performance, both individual and class summary.

  • Intuitive, no training required
  • Drop in SMART lab questions or vice-versa
  • Save, edit and reuse question sets
  • Set assessment duration
  • Add images to questions

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