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SMART Inspired Collaboration. 3 students using SMART Notebook on an interactive display

Bring your interactive display to life!

Interactive displays are amazing pieces of hardware, but without a suite of interactive learning software, they cannot live up to their full educational potential. SMART Notebook™ collaborative learning software is designed to take full advantage of the touch and pen input of interactive displays and create a new kind of learning environment.

SMART Notebook is part of SMART Learning Suite.
SMART interactive display new purchases come with a 12 month SMART Learning Suite licence.

SMART Notebook turns your display from a simple touch device into a truly collaborative, multi-media creative workspace. Teachers have the freedom to present information in any way they choose, create interactive exercises and engage students in new and exciting ways. Students have the opportunity to interact with the information, their teacher and other students in a fun, intuitive ways that get them closer to the subjects they are learning.

SMART Learning Suite can be licensed and installed for use with non-SMART interactive hardware.

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Students using interactive software on devices in classroom whilst teacher looks on. Collaborate Naturally SMART Notebook

Control and create your lesson anywhere

No longer are you tied to your interactive display when instructing your class. With the SMART Notebook Player app, you can control your lesson content being displayed at the front of the class from anywhere. Go from advising a small group of students to sharing that advice with the whole class without dashing back and forth to the podium.*

Send pre-prepared SMART Notebook lessons from any internet connected PC or laptop to your SMART Board instantly. You don't have to be cable connected to the Board; just choose the SMART Board name and hit send from SMART Notebook on your device.*

Prepare lessons at home

A subscription to SLS lets you install SMART Notebook on up to four computers, including your home computer.

* Requires a SMART Board with IQ

SMART inking, exchange, maths tools, 3D tools and response icons. Students using interactive board in classroom. Inspired Collaboration SMART

Not just a digital whiteboard

The simplest and most used aspect of an interactive display is inking, but that should only be the beginning of your interactive journey. Inking is simply writing and drawing on a digital canvas or over other applications on the screen, but this basic communication can be enhanced in many interactive ways with SMART Notebook.

SMART Notebook allows you to add images, videos, audio, 3D models, documents, screen caps and more to your canvas. SMART Notebook will recognise your inputs and interpret them appropriately, from handwriting recognition to mathematical equations and geometric shapes. SMART Notebook also includes tools for real-time student responses via any web enabled device which helps you keep your class engaged and enables immediate assessment of understanding levels. Fun classroom activities and games can be built in less than 5 minutes. Concept mapping tools help you stimulate ideas and discussion as well as reinforcing topics learned.

Your interactive canvas can be zoomed in, out, panned, saved for later, exported as an image, cleared, partially cleared, tagged with useful information, used as a working template and undone through multiple steps if you ever need to go back.

Illustrative graphic of many resources flowing onto SMART interactive whiteboard. SMART Notebook and SMART Exchange icons in foreground

Access to learning resources

Choose from a vast array of learning resources in SMART Notebook’s gallery essentials and via download from SMART Exchange, a library of resources accessible for free via the SMART website. You can access pre-prepared templates, lessons and exercises or enrich your lessons’ content with clipart, photos, videos, audio, 3D models, interactive content and more.

SMART Exchange has over 60,000 easy to use resources to pick from which can be fully searched and filtered to focus on the content you need. Teachers all over the world can contribute to SMART Exchange and share their lessons for everyone to use in SMART Notebook. SMART Notebook’s gallery essentials provides over 7,000 local resources for enriching your lesson content.

Download SMART Notebook full features list

Featured highlights

A few more of the really great features of SMART Notebook:

  • SMART lab (Lesson Activity Builder) - create fun games and activities in minutes.
  • SMART response 2 - quickly create assessments for students and get the results instantly.
  • Lesson sharing* - Easily send SMART Notebook lessons to your SMART Board.
  • SMART Notebook Player app* - Control your SMART Board lesson whilst moving freely in the classroom.
  • Record your lesson - so students can replay at their own pace, in any location.
  • Concept mapping - encourage idea generation, discussion and learning retention.
  • Maths tools - equation editing, graphing and shape analysis.
  • Easy tables - create and edit tables with content drag and drop.
  • Flick - quickly rearrange objects by flicking them across the canvas.
  • Magic Pen - zoom or highlight objects. Write temporary notes that fade away.
  • Shape recognition - freehand shapes auto convert to geometric objects.
  • Record page - record and replay every step of a lesson.
  • Screen shade - conceal and reveal the info as and when you choose.
  • Recognise handwriting - freehand writing is converted to text.
  • 3D tools - load and manipulate 3D objects inside SMART Notebook.

* Requires SMART Board with IQ

SMART Notebook has loads more great features. Click here to download a full feature list ►

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New features and updates to SMART Notebook 17

Send Notebook lessons directly to your SMART Board

Send your Notebook lesson directly to your classroom’s SMART Board, even if you create it at home. Once you share, it automatically appears on any SMART Board that has the iQ feature. Plus, with the SMART Notebook Player app you can run the lesson from your iPad too!


Send links to Notebook lessons

Quickly and easily share lessons by creating a unique link to an immediate download that can be shared to anyone with Notebook installed.


Conduct assessments one question at a time and toggle between questions and answers to get real-time feedback while the assessment is in progress. Plus, you can now maintain a reference library of assessments and images from older versions of response, with flexible options for converting files.

Welcome Screen

When opening Notebook, users will be greeted with a Welcome Screen which will show their recently used files as well as helpful information including new features and training offerings.


Adjust the time limit to answer questions on Monster Quiz activities and use images in Super Sort.

Click here to download a full feature list ►

Other updates since SMART Notebook 11.4

If you are unsubscribed to SMART Learning Suite and still using the old version 11.4 of SMART Notebook, you are also missing out on all of the following great features:

SMART response 2

This formative assessment software allows you to create assessments in under 5 minutes to quickly gauge student understanding. Students can respond to questions using desktop computers, laptops, tablets or phones.

Image search

Easily add content to a Notebook page, without having to leave the software. Image search automatically filters for royalty-free images only, allows you to toggle between clip art and images and has safe-search on by default.

Widget upgrades

Add interaction and engagement with slicker more modern animations and object interactions. All of your old content will still be preserved, but these improvements, including being HTML 5 based, make adding interactions to your lessons even more engaging.

Improved installer

More control of the installation process to aid administrator deployment.

SMART Notebook 3D tools

Provide truly immersive learning through the use of 3D objects right in your SMART Notebook lesson.

Paint Brush pen style

The Paint Brush pen style allows you to write or draw in paint-like digital ink.

Cropping images

Crop images without deleting selections and with the ability to restore back to the original image.

SMART lab (Lesson Activity Builder)

Create fun, captivating learning games and activities in less than five minutes, using buzzers, timers and randomisers.

Concept mapping

One of the most widely used activities in science and social science, it encourages idea generation, planning and discussion, which in turn promotes a deeper level of understanding.

Maths Tools

Notebook 15 added many elements of the free-standing Notebook Maths Tools product. Maths Tools provides a visually engaging set of tools to help students get to grip with Maths. It introduces new functions, such as equation editing, irregular polygon creator, plus interior angle, side length, vertices and divide shape functions.

SMART Notebook Math powered by Geogebra

Improve math functionality for all grade levels with more than 55,000 math content objects and interactive activities for geometry, algebra, calculus and statistics.

Ink editing

Enhance instruction with automatic handwriting recognition and conversion combined with intuitive text editing capabilities. Now you can edit, move, delete, modify or insert text objects without reaching for a keyboard.

Improved integration

Easier embedding and search for YouTube, plus a plug-in to allow inking within PDFs.

Click here to download a full feature list ►

Teacher guides student learning on SMART interactive whiteboard in front of classroom

If you have an older version of SMART Notebook

If you currently use an older version of SMART Notebook you will not have access to new features or software support. You can update to the latest version by purchasing a SMART Learning Suite subscription.

If you have a SMART Advantage subscription you will continue to receive software updates and support for the duration of your subscription. When your SMART Advantage licence expires you will need to purchase a SMART Learning Suite Licence to have continued access to many features, software updates and support.

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