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SMART Inspired Collaboration. 3 students using SMART Notebook on an interactive display

Bring your interactive display to life!

Interactive displays are amazing pieces of hardware, but without a suite of interactive learning software, they cannot live up to their full educational potential. SMART Notebook™ collaborative learning software is designed to take full advantage of the touch and pen input of interactive displays and create a new kind of learning environment.

SMART Notebook turns your display from a simple touch device into a truly collaborative, multi-media creative workspace. Teachers have the freedom to present information in any way they choose, create interactive exercises and engage students in new and exciting ways. Students have the opportunity to interact with the information, their teacher and other students in a fun, intuitive ways that get them closer to the subjects they are learning.

SMART Learning Suite can be licensed and installed for use with non-SMART interactive hardware.

Students using interactive software on devices in classroom whilst teacher looks on

Control and create your lesson anywhere

No longer are you tied to your interactive display when instructing your class. With the SMART Notebook Player app, you can control your lesson content being displayed at the front of the class from anywhere. Go from advising a small group of students to sharing that advice with the whole class without dashing back and forth to the podium.*

Send pre-prepared SMART Notebook lessons from any internet connected PC or laptop to your SMART Board instantly. You don't have to be cable connected to the Board; just choose the SMART Board name and hit send from SMART Notebook on your device.*

Prepare lessons at home

A subscription to SLS lets you install SMART Notebook on up to four computers, including your home computer.

* Requires a SMART Board with IQ

Featured highlights

Featured highlights

A few more of the really great features of SMART Notebook:

  • SMART Notebook Player app* - Control your SMART Board lesson whilst moving freely in the classroom.
  • Record your lesson - so students can replay at their own pace, in any location.
  • Concept mapping - encourage idea generation, discussion and learning retention.
  • Maths tools - equation editing, graphing and shape analysis.
  • Record page - record and replay every step of a lesson.
  • Screen shade - conceal and reveal the info as and when you choose.
  • Recognise handwriting - freehand writing is converted to text.

* Requires SMART Board with IQ

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