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Casio projector plus text reading 5 YEAR 10,000 HOUR WARRANTY

5 year warranty

Casio are so sure of the performance of their LED projectors that they provide a 5 year or 10,000 hour use warranty as standard with every model. Whichever comes sooner, 10,000 hours of use or 5 years of ownership, you're covered up until then at no extra cost. Let's put those 10,000 hours into perspective. To reach 10,000 hours in less than 5 years, you'd need to be using your projector for 10 hours a day for 200 days a year.

Of course, your Casio LED projector isn't going to just conk out the second you hit 10,000 hours or 5 years. In fact, Casio estimates the effective lifetime of their LED projectors to be around 20,000 hours use, but only the first 10,000 hours or 5 years are guaranteed of course!

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Casio projector plus text reading LAMP FREE

Low maintenance light source

You don't get such a long warranty in a projector without using a pretty impressive light source. In Casio projectors, that light source is a laser/LED hybrid. This light source shines bright enough to fill a wall with a clear display and takes much much longer to wear out than a traditional lamp.

Projectors employing a traditional lamp as their light source will need that lamp checking and replacing periodically. The additional costs of replacement parts and servicing add up over time and make your old-fashioned projector a lot more expensive than you initially thought. Casio LED projectors need hardly any maintenance and no replacements parts, so the price you see up front is the total price you pay for a lifetime of operation.

Casio projector plus text reading CONSTANT BRILLIANCE

Unfading lifetime brightness

The benefits of LED technology do not end with lampless light and low maintenance. The LED/laser hybrid light source used in all Casio projectors from VeryPC barely fades a bit over it's entire lifetime. Traditional projector lamps tend to become less and less bright during their lifetime before they eventually fail. You'll need to replace an old-fashioned lamp when the brightness drops below a useable level, but will already have had to put up with steadily diminishing quality before that.

Casio refers to the unfading longevity of their LED/laser brightness as "CONSTANT BRILLIANCE", which says it all really. Not only do Casio's projectors need no replacement parts and hardly any maintenance, but the quality of your viewing experience will barely drop a notch from what you see on day one.

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