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Switch to Chromebooks

Chromebooks are taking the education market by storm and we’ve seen a huge increase in demand over recent years as schools discover the power of Google. This may come as a surprise to some of you, and we’d forgive you for thinking that we only sell our own VeryPC built devices, but if Chromebooks are your thing, then you’re in the right place.

Whether it’s taking the leap to become a “Google School” or you’re just delving into the world of Chromebooks then we’re on hand to help. And as with most things here at VeryPC, we can add our own bit of magic on top too.

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Chromebook range
Do more with your Chromebook

Do more with your Chromebook

When it comes to technology, there’s nothing better than speed and efficiency. Chromebooks start instantly when they are turned on and are ready to use within 8 seconds. This is perfect for class interaction to occur without delay when devices are being constantly opened and closed.

The ease of administration and the ability to deploy devices across your organisation using the web-based Chromebook Management Console is why we’re seeing more users switch to Chromebook.

Management Console licenses can be brought through us, right here at VeryPC. We’re one of a selected few resellers who can supply you with these licences at special educational prices.

Google ChromeOS


Simplicity is key with ChromeOS. It is essentially, an enhanced version of the Chrome browser which will already be familiar to users. If you can use a web browser, then you’ll have no issues using a Chromebook to perform daily tasks.

ChromeOS is a light operating system as it requires far fewer hardware resources compared to Windows and macOS devices. Most of the “heavy lifting” is done through central computers and the cloud, meaning Chromebooks are the perfect thin client that doesn’t rely upon high-powered processors and large storage space.

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