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Classroom PC

VeryPC Flex

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Highly versatile SFF desktop PC with optional monitor mount bracket.

Spec customisable from Intel® or AMD®.

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VeryPC Flex Mini

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Flex Mini

Ultra small form factor, low-cost desktop PC.

Spec customisable up to Intel® Core™ i7 performance.

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VeryPC Flex Micro

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Flex Micro

VES mountable micro tower desktop PC.

Spec customisable from Intel® Core i7 CPU.

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Flexible desktop hardware

Whether you need the convenience of an All-in-One style PC with the advantages of a low cost, fully fledged desktop PC, or the space saving benefit of a VESA mountable micro-PC, the VeryPC Flex range has the hardware for you.

Flex PCs are configurable up to:

  • CPU performance from Intel® Pentium® to Core® i7
  • Memory up to 32GB DDR4 RAM
  • Storage SSD, HDD or hybrid drive

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VeryPC Flex and Flex Micro