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All-in-One PC

Glide Pro

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Glide Pro

23.8" or 27" Full HD IPS All-in-One PC with optional height adjustable stand.

Customisable up to Intel® Core™ i5, 32GB RAM with SSD storage.

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Beam 23

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23.8" or 27" full HD All-in-One PC with integrated webcam and privacy cover.

Spec customisable from Intel® or AMD®.

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Beam 21 Touch

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Beam Touch

21.5" full HD Touch All-in-One PC with tilt-adjustable stand.

Customisable up to Intel® Core™ i7, 32GB RAM with SSD storage.

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Reasons to choose an All-in-One PC

Why choose all-in-one?

Our top 5 reasons to opt for an All-in-One PC:

  1. Space saving
    Take up less desktop real estate
  2. Reduce cable clutter
    Display and other devices are integrated so no extra cables required
  3. Fewer power outlets
    Run your whole desktop setup from a single socket
  4. Quicker installation
    Keyboard, mouse, power on. Done.
  5. Added functionality
    Speakers, webcam and microphone are already built in


All-in-One PCs pack all your computing performance, display, speakers, microphone and webcam into a single tidy, space saving package. VeryPC provides several different models with various options, so you will find a model to suit you no matter your budget or requirements.

Options available for VeryPC All-in-One PCs:

  • Touch screen or non-touch
  • Secure to desk option
  • CPU performance from Intel® or AMD®
  • Memory up to 32GB DDR4 RAM
  • Storage SSD, HDD or hybrid drive
  • WiFi and Bluetooth options

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