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Technology is our business

VeryPC make computers and customise IT and AV solutions for education and business across the UK and globally.

Our products and services include desktop PCs, laptops, mobile devices, 3D workstations, servers, backup and storage solutions, industrial computer appliances, audio visual equipment, digital signage controllers, hardware customisation and managed IT support services.

Everything we do at VeryPC is customisable to suit specific customer requirements: PC configuration, software imaging, product branding, delivery and installation.

Our goal is to have the happiest customers in IT. We get there by paying attention, being flexible, doing what we say we’ll do and supporting our customers after the deals are done. We hope to provide the best experience ever had working with a supplier. We want customers to come back and forge lifetime working relationships based on trust.

When you join VeryPC as a customer, partner or teammate, you’re becoming part of our family.

The early days

A family business

In 2002, brothers Andy and Pete Hopton and their university friend Simon Bown began offering local IT support services in Sheffield. In 2004, our growing crew moved to a shop where we began retailing computer hardware. It was then that we saw a gap in the market for more sustainable, energy efficient PCs and servers. VeryPC was officially formed to build and supply the "Very PC" that sustainably minded customers had been looking for.

That TV appearance

In 2008, the BBC invited VeryPC to appear on their popular television programme "Dragon's Den". Pete was MD at the time and it is fair to say that that the dragons did not buy in to the VeryPC ideology, scorning his pitch mercilessly on air. We're very happy to say that we've since proved the dragons wrong and now look back, let’s say "fondly", on the episode as a rite of passage for the company.

Sustainable computing

Green PCs

VeryPC had carved out a commanding "Green IT" niche in the market, in the process earning multiple awards for our efforts. Increased demand and a larger workforce had us looking for much bigger premises, so in 2008 We moved into a factory location built to the high environmental standards of BREEAM. MPs Hillary Benn and David Blunkett opened the new facility and commended VeryPC as a leader in the green IT industry.

UK manufacturing

In 2009 we set ourselves the task of creating the most sustainable PC on the planet, which led to the birth of our flagship Green PC, which we called Broadleaf. We were now designing our own aluminium PC chassis which is still manufactured right here in Yorkshire. The Broadleaf desktop PC was a huge success with the green-minded buyer and customers in general, attracting particular interest from schools because of its intrinsic toughness.

Global partnerships

Our portion of the education market continued to grow year on year until we were supplying products and services to schools all over the UK, as well as businesses, public sector bodies and other organisations.

In 2012, Andy took over as MD and, in response to customer demand, began to expand the VeryPC portfolio of products and services. Our customers liked working with us so much that when they needed products from other brands, they wanted us to supply those too. We’ve since formed partnerships with many leading global brands and now offer their products alongside our own still very much in demand VeryPC hardware.

Our customers also made it clear that they wanted us to supply interactive touch screens for their classrooms and meeting rooms. The close relationship between IT and AV meant this was a marriage made in heaven, and we’re now a Gold Partner with both SMART and Promethean. In 2017, we proudly opened the UK’s very first SMART Regional Training Centre.

Our combined IT and AV expertise quickly showed us that sourcing specialised computers for controlling large displays was difficult, frustrating and expensive. We’ve changed that situation, and are now one of the UK’s top suppliers of OPS PCs and digital signage players, with AV customers all around the world.

A growing family

Over the past few years we’ve continued to expand and adapt to customer demands and the challenges of an ever-growing business. We’ve doubled the footprint of our factory, adding extensive warehousing facilities to improve our stock availability, streamline logistics and add distribution services. We’ve expanded our warranty repair centre so we can offer even better after sales care to our customers. We brought the printing of our custom branded laptop skins and other customised items in house so we have direct control over the whole process.

We’ve enjoyed successful exhibitions at high profile technology expos like Bett and ISE. Our revenue passed the significant milestone of £10 million and continues to climb. Every department at VeryPC has grown, with new and valued staff members adding their skills to the team, allowing us to maintain our priorities of customer relationships and great service.

VeryPC is still a family business, but now our family is a lot bigger than it used to be.

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Technology is our business

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