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The VeryPC team standing in a group in our warehouse
Andrew Hopton

Andy H

Andrew HoptonManaging Director

Operational, commercial and culinary success are his specialities. Part-time guitar hero.

Tom Burkinshaw

Tom B

Tom BurkinshawDirector

The tidiest and politest man in the empire. Trouble shooter extraordinaire.

Colin McCarthy


Colin McCarthyClient Relations Manager

Your new best friend. When you're 3 tales in, don't forget you actually called to place an order.

Ross Robinson


Ross RobinsonAudio Visual Specialist

Our resident voiceover man. Knows a thing or two about AV kit too.

Daniel Williamson


Daniel WilliamsonClient Development Manager

Spends his days glued to the phone and when he sweats, he sweats opportunity.

John Levis

John L

John LevisSoftware and Solutions Specialist

The world of IT is one big conundrum, and you need a specialist to solve that conundrum!



Lewis CotterillClient Relations Manager

Prepare to have your mind blown by his boundless noggin. His beard game is strong.


Ed E

Edmond EganTechnology Manager

Technological whiz, DJ and knower of everything. Completes the internet before breakfast daily.

Mark Greaves


Mark GreavesSenior Support Technician

Now approaching your problem at 90kph over The Snake Pass. Prepare your pants to be fixed!

James Crawley


James CrawleySenior Support Technician

Be prepared for this super-tech genius to solve your problem within the blink of an eye.

Adam Glover

Adam G

Adam GloverSupport Technician

Mr Fix-it and knowledge sponge. Always searching for his next technology lesson.



Claire BestwickSupport Technician

Our trusty technomancer will process your problem through her cyborg helpfulness circuits and beam the solution direct to your PC in machine code.



Aren BarsonSupport Technician

Helpdesk warrior. Try not to get caught in his infinite loop of spectacular customer service.

Wayne Birchenough


Wayne BirchenoughRepairs Engineer

PC modder and general tinkerer. Give him three peanuts and an old calculator, he'll give you a PC.

Kiefer Ward


Kiefer WardProduct Manager

The build floor is his second home. One day we think he'll actually leave the building.

Tom Gaudoin

Tom G

Tom GaudoinPurchasing Manager

Loves purchasing. A master of the self check out and always carries a Clubcard.

Ed A

Ed A

Edward AskewProduction Manager

With the strength of ten tigers, the mighty production team rests upon him.

Lee Watts


Lee WattsProduction Supervisor

Overseer of the ins and the outs, the inputs and the outputs. Also, ninja.



Chantelle OnfroyWarehouse Operative

With her boxing skills, she can take on anything that comes into the warehouse.

Kamil Szymanowski


Kamil SzymanowskiWarehouse Operative

Boxing Day isn’t just one day a year for Kamil, it’s every day. Just without the mince pies.



Dylan LittlewoodProduction Technician

Ten-tentacled time-travelling tech with a perplexing ability to divide by zero.



Jed MinorsProduction Technician

Unstoppable cable manager and socket plugger. 5 seconds after waking, he beeps once.

Aaron Webb


Aaron WebbProduction Technician

If unresponsive, do not be alarmed; he's imaging PCs with his miiiiind.

John Zurita

John Z

John ZuritaProduction Technician

John builds PCs to take a break from his day job: 1930s San Francisco P.I.

Ben Wall


Ben WallProduction Technician

Uses his clockwork spanner fingers to build 10 computers at once, whilst composing flute symphonies.



Luke BeightonProduction Technician

Luke is so Sheffield, they named a whole suburb after him.

Emma Lancaster


Emma Lancaster, MAATFinance Manager

Bean counter in chief and guardian of the coffers. She knows where the gold's buried.



Carol LynnOffice Administrator

This is how you get a job done. You give it to Carol. Always brings a smile, sometimes brings food.

Alan Robinson


Alan RobinsonHead of Communications

Editor-in-Chief of the colouring-in department. Runs his ship with an iron crayon.

Ryan Bridgwood


Ryan BridgwoodMarketing Coordinator

The social media guru that knows the missing piece to every puzzle.  



Nicole ScarfeGraphic Designer

Hand of Communications. Fastidious custom brander who only thinks in purple.