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Promethean ActivPanel range

The Promethean ActivPanel creates a captivating, tablet-like surface in the front of the modern classroom. Powered by a revolutionary, upgradeable Android device, the Promethean ActivPanel transforms the traditional projection display space into an “intelligent hub” that unleashes the power of teacher and student connectivity.

  • THE POWER OF APPS:  Transform the learning experience by connecting teachers and students to the vast, ever-expanding world of over 500,000 educational apps.
  • THE POWER OF COLLABORATION:  Create a collaborative learning environment by enabling wireless connectivity, mobile device mirroring, and the saving and sharing of digitally-captured notes with the entire class.
  • THE POWER OF UPGRADEABILITY:  Modernize your classroom at the rate of technology innovation. With its revolutionary external Android device design, the processor capacity of the new Promethean ActivPanel can be easily upgraded over time to keep pace with frequent advances in computing technology.

Each Promethean ActivPanel comes with inclusive wall bracket, android device, free delivery and 5 year warranty.

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2 students learning on ActivPanel. Promethean, the power of student motivation

Brilliant picture quality

Available in Full HD or 4K Ultra HD displays that ensure the entire class has an optimal viewing experience.

Engaging lessons

Create and deliver interactive lessons and assessments with Promethean’s award-winning software, ClassFlow and ActivInspire. ActivInspire Professional Edition Software is included with your ActivPanel purchase.

Seamless teaching & learning experience

Promethean’s external Wi-Fi-enabled Android™ device, included with the ActivPanel, enables wireless mirroring of mobile devices onto the ActivPanel. Instantly you can download and use apps from Android app stores, launch the Instant Whiteboard to write or draw, and wirelessly share lesson content.

Instant collaboration & interactivity

Provides multi-user interactivity with 10 simultaneous touch points and 1 digital pen. Promethean’s ActivGlide Technology™ delivers smooth interactivity at the touch of a finger.

Teacher and class of students using ActivPanel and syncronised tablet. Promethean, the power of student motivation

Best-in-class connectivity

Offers a variety of ports for convenient peripheral connectivity, including 4 HDMI ports, 4 USB touch, 2 OPS slots, VGA, Audio, Switched Source USB Hub and more.

Move freely throughout the classroom

Easily connect mobile devices using the dual network capability. Teachers can take advantage of the wireless mirroring to share their content from anywhere in the room.

Intelligent design

Innovation in computing power doubles every 2 years. Promethean will ensure that schools have the latest and greatest by offering an upgradeable solution that allows them to replace their existing Promethean Android device with the most up-to-date technology.


The ActivPanel solution and glass display are extremely durable. In addition, each panel comes with a 5 year manufacturer warranty.

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