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Workstation chassis

D4 - Designed for you

VeryPC have been manufacturing and supplying cutting edge workstations designed for specific 3D and CAD applications for the best part of the last decade. The key to our success is designing the specifications of these workstations in collaboration with each customer to ensure that the machine is perfectly fit for purpose and represents the best possible value.

Depending on your requirements, we can offer you anything from entry level training workstations with modest processing capabilities, via high end desktop machines with the latest professional graphics cards, through to multi socket server workstations and multi-node render farms capable of handling the most intensive graphics tasks the industry has to offer.

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Designed for modelling

D4 - Designed for modelling

Our D4 workstations can be configured to place the emphasis on real-time display of your 3D models as work in progress, allowing you to edit, manipulate and visualise in high quality without lag or visual stuttering.

Depending on the complexity of the 3D models you are working on, entry level to extreme high performance components can be utilised to give you the perfect balance of cost and performance. Let one of our workstation specialists configure the best value modelling rig for your budget now.

customise your spec

Collaboration, customisation, configuration

There is no such thing as standard at VeryPC. You can easily select and configure a workstation model in our online shop, or you can work with us to configure something uniwue to you.

We want to build the perfect workstation for your needs, and give you the best possible value, so we'll listen carefully to your requirements and propose a customised configuration designed just for you.

This collaborative approach gives us the opportunity to understand how you’ll be using the PC and consider the demands your software will put on the hardware before we design your fit for purpose workstation.

Contact us for a chat about exactly what you need from your workstation and we’ll configure a model especially for your requirements. Whether you want something to handle both very complex modelling and super-fast rendering on the same machine, need more storage, are restricted by budget or have just about any other requirement, we’ll find the solution for you.

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