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The world's leading education software from a SMART Software Specialist Partner

SMART Learning Suite logo incorporating SMART Notebook, SMART amp, SMART response 2 and SMART lab logos. VeryPC are a SMART Software Solutions Partner

Get the world's best education software to connect students, teachers and devices from VeryPC, one of the UK's select few SMART Specialist Software Partners. SMART Learning Suite lessons are hands-on, collaborative learning experiences on any device. Best of all, you get these 4 leading education software platforms for one simple price:

  • SMART Notebook®
    The world’s premier education software, SMART Notebook facilitates engaging, hands-on learning experiences and releases the potential of your organisation's interactive touch displays.
  • SMART lab™ (Lesson Activity Builder)
    SMART lab, a component of SMART Notebook, both engages students with fun educational games and saves lots of time by letting teachers captivate students for hours with learning activities they create in 5 minutes.
  • SMART response™ 2
    SMART response 2, a component of SMART Notebook, is formative assessment software for use on student devices that allows you to create a question set to complement your lesson in under 5 minutes.
  • SMART amp™
    Browser based cloud software using Google Apps for Education. Students and teachers – inside and outside of school – can collaborate at the same time across any laptop or tablet in a shared workspace.

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SMART Notebook part of SMART Learning Suite. Students using interactive panel

Simplified pricing

Nothing should get in the way of creating incredible learning experiences, including budget planning. SMART Learning Suite has easy to understand pricing models for per-teacher and site both with and without SMART hardware.

For non-site licensing, SMART Learning Suite is licensed on an annual subscription basis per teacher using the suite. Each licence covers 4 separate computer activations (e.g. classroom, office, laptop, home) of SMART Notebook and 31 activations of SMART amp cloud collaboration software - enough for the teacher and their whole class. SMART interactive display new purchases include the first year of SMART Learning Suite for free.

Use of the software with 3rd party interactive hardware requires an initial purchase of the software for the first year, with subscription as above after that.

Drawing of school with SMART Learning Suite logo

Site licensing

If you need SMART Learning Suite for your entire school, you can take advantage of site licensing. Site licensing provides the following benefits:

  • Save by reducing your total subscription payment*
  • Unlimited use of SMART Learning Suite on your site
  • A single activation key for your whole site

There are site licensing pricing models for the following three scenarios:

  • All SMART site (over 75% SMART hardware)
  • Mixed site (45% - 75% SMART hardware)
  • Third party site (less than 45% SMART hardware)

* Compared to standard SLS licensing. Small sites may pay less with standard licensing

SMART amp collaborative learning software part of SMART Learning Suite 31 users. Graphic of interactive flat panel, PC and tablet with the words above incorporated

Upgrading to the latest SMART software

If you are still using an old version of SMART Notebook, you can update your software to the latest version by purchasing a subscription to SMART Learning Suite. This will give you access to the newest release of SMART Notebook and ongoing updates to the software for as long as you maintain the subscription.

With an active SMART Learning Suite subscription, you will be able to take advantage of all the latest features of SMART Notebook (including SMART lab and SMART response 2) on up to 4 PCs per teacher licence. What's more, you will also be able to use SMART amp cloud-based collaboration software for up to 31 users (requires Google Apps for Education).

Group of students shown through and from behind SMART Notebook interactive display

What happened to SMART Advantage?

SMART Advantage ceased to be a product on 28th February 2016, but don't worry, no-one loses out. If you are currently licensing SMART Notebook with a SMART Advantage subscription you will continue to receive updates and be able to access all features for the duration of your current subscription.

When your SMART Advantage subscription period comes to an end, you will need to purchase a SMART Learning Suite subscription to continue receiving software updates, support and have access to all features.

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