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Teacher supervises as student operates installed interactive board in classroom

Trained professional installation service

A crucial part of acquiring new interactive technology is making sure it is safely and securely installed in your classrooms. VeryPC offers a full on-site installation service by trained professionals. We’ll take care of the heavy lifting, mounting, cabling and checking everything is in place and working properly so you can relax and get on with your own work on installation day.

We take great pride in making sure our customers are totally satisfied with the products and services provided by VeryPC. You let us know how you need the work to be done and we’ll do whatever we can to accommodate your needs.

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Cable trunking and connectivity panel

Easy connectivity

We want you to be really happy with the installation of your new interactive kit. We tidy up cables into discrete trunking and install special power and connector panels so it’s really easy for your teachers to plug in their computers and begin lessons really quickly.

Our carefully organised installation will provide easy access to video and audio inputs, Ethernet, USB and power via tidy panels. The inputs are routed to these panels so that a teacher computer can be connected quickly without having to awkwardly stretch cables up to the direct inputs of the interactive display.

Perfectly clean classroom after installation of interactive kit

Like we were never there

VeryPC trained installation professionals use an extensive toolkit of lifting, fixing, connectivity and trunking equipment to create the tidiest results possible. After assessing your preferred site and consulting with you on positioning and cabling, they will get on with the work required so you can get on with yours.

Any installation work inevitably generates a bit of mess. After the work is done and approved to your satisfaction, our installation specialists will hoover up their drilling dust, remove any leftover bits and pieces and take away spare packaging. It will be like we were never there, except for the awesome new kit we’ve installed of course!

touch and interactive pen, speakers, mounting bracket, cables managed into trunking

All part of your bundle

When you order a bundled interactive solution from VeryPC, installation is included. Along with your interactive display device or devices, mounting kit and audio peripherals, our trained installation professionals will be there to fit everything into place, tidy the cables into trunking, fit connectivity and power panels as required and clean up after themselves.

As well as the convenience of ordering everything together and installation services, interactive bundles from VeryPC are a great way to save money. Our interactive bundles discount your total cost when you buy everything together from VeryPC. See the accessories tab for more on bundles.

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