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touch and interactive pen, speakers, mounting bracket, cables managed into trunking

Save money with a pre-prepared bundle

An interactive technology installation benefits greatly by the addition of a few optional extras to aid mounting, boost audio and organise cabling. You can buy these parts separately from VeryPC or save money by choosing one of our pre-prepared interactive bundles.

Our interactive bundles are designed to save you money by discounting the total cost when you buy everything together. These bundles include the main display/touch devices, any additional mounting gear that may be required, external audio, cable management and on-site installation services too.

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Articulated display mount


You’ll need a separate mounting kit to fix your interactive flat panel display to the wall, or you can choose a mobile mounting stand if you need to move the display from room to room. VeryPC supply several types of kit, each with its own unique features and benefits:

  • Wall mount static – mounts display parallel to a wall.
  • Wall mount tilt – allows forward tilt of display to 7.5 degrees.
  • Wall mount articulated – allows left right rotation of 120 degrees plus tilt.
  • Wall-floor mount non-motorised – easy smooth manual height adjustment.
  • Wall-floor mount motorised – powered height adjustment (black or white).
  • Mobile stand motorised – with powered height adjustment (black or white).

Installation services by trained professionals are available. See the installation tab for more info ►

Roth soundbar


Interactive flat panel displays have internal speakers which provide basic sound. For a much improved classroom audio experience, we recommend the addition of external wall mounted speakers or a lovely discrete soundbar.

VeryPC supply several sets of speakers and soundbars designed for this purpose. Adding external sound does not add much to the cost of your interactive purchase and does a great job of both boosting volume and improving audio quality overall.

Connectivity faceplate and cables

Cabling, trunking and connectivity kits

The final step in creating a nice clean interactive classroom installation is tidying up all those messy cables. A tidy installation is not purely for aesthetics though, as dangling cables can be a real safety hazard in a busy classroom.

VeryPC supply various parts that will help such as longer cables, multi-input connectivity faceplates and trunking kits to keep everything tucked away safely and out of sight

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