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2 children using interactive flat panel display SMART Inspired Collaboration

The future of interactive

Flat panel displays are the royalty of interactive technology and, with the new lower costs of large displays, are now a viably affordable option for all institutions. By spending just a little more in initial outlay, your teachers and students will benefit from the latest technology and high spec hardware features that are simply not available with projectors and boards.

An interactive flat panel display gives you access to big, bright displays with rich vibrant colours all presented in full 1080 HD (or even 4K UHD). Touch technology is built right into the unit with up to 8 point multi-touch and user-allocated dual pen input supported.

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SMART interactive panel magnetic pen tray SMART Inspired Collaboration

Featured technology

Interactive flat panel displays feature a range of technologies to improve the learning experience for your students and teachers. Some of the features you can expect are listed below (dependent on model/manufacturer):

  • Finger touch up to 8 points
  • Stylus input up to 2 pens with user recognition
  • Convenient magnetic pen tray
  • Gesture control (e.g. wipe to erase)
  • Display edge based infra-red or optical sensors
  • Up to 84 inch diagonal size
  • From full HD 1920 x 1080 to UHD 4K 3840 x2160 pixel (16:9)
  • HDMI and VGA connectors
  • Up to 5 year on-site warranty
SMART display showing delighted girl in tunnel of images

Big display, big experience

The stand out benefit of an interactive flat panel display is image quality. You have, in effect, a giant touch screen monitor mounted to your classroom wall. Teachers and students feel closer and more connected with the big, bright and vibrant images in a way that does not translate to projected imagery.

Full 1080 HD or even 4K UHD resolutions mean much more information can be represented on screen in much higher detail. Brighter, more vibrant colours communicate the richness of image and video content. Everything is more real and accessible, stripping away artefacts of the display technology to deliver unfiltered learning more directly to your students.

2 children learning about soil erosion on a mobile mounted interactive flat panel display

Mobile mounting

Of course the standard way to mount an interactive flat panel display is to use a wall mount at the front of the classroom, but another option is to use a mobile mounting stand.

Mobile mounting gives you the versatility to take your interactive display to locations in the school that would normally not benefit from the technology. With a height adjustable mobile mounting stand you can reap the benefits of interactivity in any location with a power supply. Make your interactive display mobile and go interactive anywhere.

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