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2 children using interactive whiteboard

The classic interactive technology

The combination of a projected display with a touch/pen enabled whiteboard. This is the way interactive learning began and is still one of the most popular technologies being used in schools today. Add an interactive board to a classroom with a projector already installed or choose a package with matching board/projector for a fully integrated experience.

Interactive boards are ideal for larger spaces and enable a natural interaction that works amazingly well with younger learners. What’s more, some boards can be used with a dry-wipe marker for your teachers who prefer the more traditional methods.

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SMART interactive board pen tray

Featured technology

Interactive boards from SMART and Hitachi feature a range of technologies to improve the learning experience for your students and teachers. Some of the features you can expect are listed below (dependent on model/manufacturer):

  • Finger touch up to 4 points
  • Stylus input up to 2 pens
  • Convenient pen tray with quick access functions
  • Gesture control (e.g. wipe to erase)
  • Board edge based infra-red or optical sensors
  • Up to 89 inch diagonal size
  • Matt, gloss or glass screen types
  • Bundled interactive software
  • Up to 6 year warranty
Hitachi interactive board

Just add projector

If your classroom already has a projector or you want to mix and match with a new projector purchase, adding an interactive board from Hitachi or SMART will turn that passive display into an interactive canvas for your teachers and students to exploit and benefit from. Touch and pen input and control enliven any subject to make learning more immediate, intuitive informative and fun. This is a great way of adding interactivity to a classroom without spending more than is strictly necessary.

Go one step further and choose an interactive board with an integrated ultra short throw projector solution from SMART. This will give you access to an extended control panel, allowing you to control the projector easily from the front of the classroom (power, volume, input) thus avoiding potentially disruptive breaks in the flow of a lesson.

As always, when using a projector, remember to consider the cost of replacement bulbs; budget for one of these roughly every 1-2 years (depending on usage) for lower cost models, extending up to every 3-5 years for the higher end models. Another long life option is a bulbless LED projector.

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