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Promethean panel

The most effective learning experience

It has been shown that when you combine great teaching practices with education software and the right learning technology, outstanding success is over 3 times as likely to be achieved*. Interactive flat panels are that technology.

Flat panel displays are now the de facto standard screen at the front of most classrooms, outperforming older interactive display technologies with a far superior user experience. Teachers and students can benefit from the latest technology and high spec hardware features that are simply not available with projectors and boards.

An interactive flat panel display gives you access to big, bright displays with rich vibrant colours all presented in full 1080 HD or 4K UHD. Touch technology is built right into the unit with up to 26 simultaneous touch points and user-allocated quad pen input supported.

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Avocor V-series interactive display

Featured technology

Interactive flat panel displays feature a range of technologies to improve the learning experience for your students and teachers. Some of the features you can expect are listed below (dependent on model/manufacturer):

  • Up to 26 simultaneous touch points
  • Finger touch up to 20 points
  • Stylus input up to 4 pens with user recognition
  • Convenient magnetic pen tray
  • Gesture control (e.g. wipe to erase)
  • The latest touch detection technologies for more accurate inking
  • Up to 86 inch diagonal size
  • Up to 4K Ultra HD Display 
  • HDMI and VGA connectors
  • Up to 5 year on-site warranty
SMART display with pirates lab activity showing. Collaborate Naturally SMART

Big display, big experience

The stand out benefit of an interactive flat panel display is image quality. You have, in effect, a giant touch screen monitor mounted to your classroom wall. Teachers and students feel closer and more connected with the big, bright and vibrant images in a way that does not translate to projected imagery.

Full 1080 HD or 4K UHD resolutions mean much more information can be represented on screen in much higher detail. Brighter, more vibrant colours communicate the richness of image and video content. Everything is more real and accessible, stripping away artefacts of the display technology to deliver unfiltered learning more directly to your students.

List of VeryPC Partners

A recognised partner

We’ve been involved in all things AV for a while now and have developed a wide range of relationships with the biggest Interactive Flat Panel partners in the business. This ensures that we meet your desired requirements when it comes to transforming the technology in your classroom.

We work with Avocor, BenQ, Promethean and SMART to provide a range of Interactive Flat Panels that each have its own benefits. Our in-house team will be able to work closely with you to establish which partner will be the perfect fit for your school. Building key relationships with our partners ensures that we’re constantly up to date with the latest AV developments and technology, as well as being able to provide you with the best possible service.

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* Teaching, Technology and Learning, Understanding the interconnection. Filigree Consulting 2016