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Broadleaf Access

Broadleaf, with more access

How can we make our best product even better?

By giving you access to higher performance processors and expansion options. All the great features of our flagship Broadleaf One desktop PC in a slightly bigger, slimline small form factor (SFF) tough steel chassis.

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Customisation illustration

Get the spec you want

The specifications of all our PCs are completely configurable. Our customisation experts will help you put together your system with the right components to deliver the functionality you require.

Whatever level of performance and expansion you require, we’ll adjust your specification to match. Processor, memory, storage, OS and expansion cards are all configurable.

Still need Windows 7 or 8? No problem

Some organisations still need an older version of Windows, and whilst we recommend Windows 10, we understand that you don't always have the freedom to choose the newer OS just yet.

6th generation Intel processors are compatible with Windows 7 and 8.1. Ask us to configure you a PC with a 6th gen CPU if you need a previous version of Windows.

Close up of Broadleaf build details with 5 year warranty badge

5 years of tough performance

Along with all Broadleaf models, Access comes with a 5 year warranty as standard. That kind of reliability is down to the superior build quality and careful selection of durable parts.

Broadleaf Access’ chassis is made of 3mm thick steel with a scratch resistant hard anodised front panel. Components are selected from leading technology vendors such as Intel, Kingston, Western Digital and Nvidia to ensure quality and reliability.

Lamp with efficient lighbulb

As sustainable as possible. It’s the VeryPC way

Broadleaf Access lives up to the VeryPC standard of building our products as sustainably as possible. We select materials and design for energy efficiency to keep the embedded and operational CO2 emissions way way down.

Along with the steel chassis, components are selected for low toxicity and the power supply is optimised to ensure the best possible energy efficiency balanced with high performance computing.

Broadleaf Access with mounted monitor

Tilt, rotate, swivel, raise, lower…

Broadleaf Access offers several mounting options to help you save desktop space.

Flexible monitor mounting

The addition of a Flex monitor mounting kit means you can use Broadleaf Access as your monitor stand, creating an All-in-One PC effect with tilt, rotate, swivel and height adjustability.

Stand it up

We’ve crafted some Broadleaf style feet that can be used to stand your Broadleaf Access into a slim mini tower configuration, ensuring stability and retaining airflow.

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4 Broadleaf Access chassis showing metal badge, full colour panel, laser etching and colour coating

Show your true colours

Show off your branding. Customisation options for Broadleaf Access don’t stop with the specs. We can add a custom designed full colour front panel, colour match your branding or you can select from a range of colours. If colour is not your thing, then keep it simple with laser etching or a cool metal badge.

With customisation options like these, your Broadleaf Access will look every bit the part in your office or classroom.

For more info and images of Broadleaf Access custom branding, check out the 'customisation' tab above.