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stylised classroom with visualiser

Visualise their imagination

Bring all of your students up close at once by using a visualiser to enlarge fascinating objects and documents onto the classroom display.

Draw attention to pertinent details and highlight great student work in real-time just by placing it in front of your visualiser.

Demonstrate fragile objects with no fear of breakage, share scarce resources with everyone, combine with an interactive whiteboard to create interesting challenges such as “complete the headline” with daily newspapers, make stop frame animations or time lapse videos – visualisers can be put to many many uses which are only limited by your and your students’ imaginations.

VeryPC partner with the leading visualiser vendors, Lumens and Aver, to bring the best choice of value and functionality to schools, universities and healthcare. Let our audio visual specialists help you choose the right product for your purpose.

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Entry level visualiser

Entry level visualiser

A lower spec visualiser is a good low cost way to try out the technology in a classroom setting. These products may lack some of the higher end features but still allow you access to the technology whilst keeping your costs down.

  • Low cost
  • USB connection
  • Digital zoom
  • Lower image refresh rate
  • Basic software included
  • Easy to use
Professional visualiser

Professional visualiser

Enjoy a fuller, richer, higher quality experience by choosing a professional level visualiser. Better, smoother images, lighting functions, improved software, zoom and connectivity will give you increased versatility and make your visualisations more engaging for your students.

  • Video and USB connection
  • Optical zoom
  • High image refresh rate
  • Advanced software included
  • Lighting attachments
3D visualiser

3D visualiser

Take your presentations to the next dimension with a 3D visualiser. Using two lenses to capture stereoscopic images which are outputted to your 3D display, these visualisers give your students the most complete close up view possible.

  • Stereoscopic 3D camera with 2 lenses
  • Output ready for 3D TV or projector
  • USB connection
  • Optical zoom
  • No software required
Wireless visualiser

Connect wirelessly

Give yourself freedom to visualise items anywhere in the room by adding a battery operated wireless connectivity kit. Also includes a microphone to use if your audience is further away.