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Stylised monitor desk mount and big screen wall mount

Equipment mounted safely and securely

Secure and stabilise your equipment for greater convenience and safety. Reduce clutter, avoid expensive mishaps and make your high value items much harder to pick up and walk away with.

VeryPC partner with the leading vendors to bring you the best choice and value for projector, PC, monitor big screen and AV equipment mounting solutions.

Our audio visual specialists can help you choose the right mounting solution for your existing or newly purchased equipment.

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Monitor mount

Workstation mounting and security

Optimise and secure your student or staff desktop workstations. Make monitors highly positionable and lock down valuable computer equipment.

  • Flexible monitor arm-mounts
  • Lockable cages for PCs
  • Secure easily stolen peripherals
Projector and big screen wall mount

Audio visual mounts

Fixed and mobile mounting solutions for large screens, projectors and AV equipment. Secure expensive displays to the wall or choose the convenience of a mobile mounting trolley. Mount projectors securely inside lockable cages.

  • Wall mounts for large screens
  • Mobile display trolleys
  • Projector mounting and cages